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Living on the Edge - How Screenly Monitors Edge IoT Devices with Prometheus

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This is a guest post from Viktor Petersson (@vpetersson) who discusses how Screenly uses Prometheus to monitor the thousands of Raspberry Pis powering their digital signage network.  

At Screenly, we are long-time Kubernetes fans, and we use Prometheus to monitor our infrastructure. Many, if not most, Kubernetes teams also use Prometheus to monitor and troubleshoot our infrastructure. Over the years, we have found Prometheus to be extremely versatile, and we have expanded our use of Prometheus to include business intelligence metrics. The one problem we have experienced is that it is painful to use Prometheus for the long-term storage of metrics. Weaveworks however solves that pain point with its hosted Prometheus as a Service (Cortex) within Weave Cloud.  At Screenly we use Weave Cloud to store business metrics and use them as part of our troubleshooting toolkit.   

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