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  1. Getting to know Systems insights, a simplified database system monitoring toolView the full article
  2. Starting today, we are introducing a new Amazon CloudWatch metric called Attached EBS Status Check to monitor if one or more Amazon EBS volumes attached to your EC2 instances are reachable and able to complete I/O operations. With this new metric, you can now quickly detect and respond to any EBS impairments that may potentially be impacting the performance of your applications running on Amazon EC2 instances. View the full article
  3. Dynatrace offers three levels of certification: Dynatrace Associate: This certification validates that you have the knowledge and skills to use Dynatrace to monitor the performance and health of applications and infrastructure. Dynatrace Professional: This certification validates that you have the knowledge and skills to use Dynatrace to troubleshoot and optimize applications and infrastructure. Dynatrace Master: This certification validates that you have the deep knowledge and skills to use Dynatrace to design and implement a comprehensive observability strategy. To earn a Dynatrace certification, you must pass an online exam. The exams are designed to assess your knowledge and skills in using Dynatrace to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize applications and infrastructure... View the full article
  4. You can now launch Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor directly from the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) console. Internet Monitor provides visibility into how internet issues impact the performance and availability for your application hosted on AWS. To use Internet Monitor, you create a monitor and associate it with one or more resources: VPCs, Network Load Balancers, Amazon CloudFront distributions, or Amazon WorkSpaces directories. View the full article
  5. In this article, we will review a number of Linux command line utilities that you can use to check disk partitions in Linux. Monitoring the View the full article
  6. You can now run OpenSearch version 2.9 in Amazon OpenSearch Service. With OpenSearch 2.9, we have made several improvements to Search, Observability, Security analytics, and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities in OpenSearch Service. View the full article
  7. In this article, I will demonstrate how to monitor Ansible Automation Platform(AAP) running on OpenShift, using user-workload-monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana... View the full article
  8. Observability engineers are increasingly becoming essential for managing the complexity and unpredictability of modern IT systems. View the full article
  9. Amazon CloudWatch announces support of a new Metric Math function called DB_PERF_INSIGHTS() to create CloudWatch alarms and dashboards on Amazon RDS Performance Insights metrics. View the full article
  10. Amazon GuardDuty announces a new capability in GuardDuty EKS Runtime Monitoring that allows you to selectively configure which Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) clusters are to be monitored for threat detection. Previously, configurability was at the account level only. With this added cluster-level configurability, customers can now selectively monitor EKS clusters for threat detection or continue to use account level configurability to monitor all EKS clusters in a given account and region. View the full article
  11. Since Kubernetes Monitoring launched in Grafana Cloud last year, we have introduced highly customizable dashboards and powerful analytics features. We’ve also focused on how to make monitoring and managing resource utilization within your fleet easier and more efficient. But what’s an easy way to add resources to your cluster while using Kubernetes Monitoring? ArgoCD has become the established tool for implementing GitOps […] View the full article
  12. The Amazon GuardDuty EKS Runtime Monitoring eBPF security agent now supports Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) workloads that use the Bottlerocket operating system, AWS Graviton processors, and AMD64 processors. Additionally, the new agent version (1.2.0) introduces performance enhancements, built-in CPU and memory utilization limits, and support for Amazon EKS 1.27 clusters. If you use GuardDuty EKS Runtime Monitoring with automated agent management then GuardDuty will automatically upgrade the security agent for your Amazon EKS clusters. If you are not using automated agent management, you are responsible for upgrading the agent manually. You can view the current agent version running in your Amazon EKS clusters in the EKS clusters runtime coverage page of the GuardDuty console. If you are not yet using GuardDuty EKS Runtime Monitoring, you can enable the feature for a 30-day free trial with a few steps. View the full article
  13. AI can support monitoring and observability by analyzing logs and metrics to predict potential system failures or performance degradation. View the full article
  14. Dynatrace has enhanced its analytics capabilities to enable digital experience monitoring, including session replays, based on the logs, metrics and traces it collects via its observability platform. Steve Tack, senior vice president of product management at Dynatrace, said this update makes it simpler for DevOps teams to track user journeys across the multiple components and […] The post Dynatrace Embeds DX Monitoring in Observability Platform appeared first on DevOps.com. View the full article
  15. Starting today, Amazon VPC Flow Logs adds support for Transit Gateway. With this feature, Transit Gateway can export detailed telemetry information such as source/destination IP addresses, ports, protocol, traffic counters, timestamps and various metadata for all of its network flows. This feature provides you with an AWS native tool to centrally export and inspect flow-level telemetry for all network traffic that is traversing between Amazon VPCs and your on-premises networks via your Transit Gateway. View the full article
  16. EC2 Auto Scaling now publishes predictive scaling policy’s forecasts as a CloudWatch metric, enabling you to analyze, monitor, and set alarms on the accuracy of predictive scaling. Predictive Scaling is a scaling policy that proactively increases the capacity of your Auto Scaling group ahead of predicted demand, improving the availability of your application while reducing the need to stay overprovisioned that otherwise would have increased your EC2 bill. As predictive scaling only increases the capacity for your Auto Scaling groups, applying it to your current scaling configurations strictly enhances your application availability. However, an inaccurate prediction can potentially increase your cost. Now, you can use the extensive list of CloudWatch features to measure accuracy of predictions, view forecasts using the familiar CloudWatch graphs, and also set automatic alarms and notifications when predictions are above your desired levels. View the full article
  17. Amazon SageMaker Feature Store is a fully managed, purpose-built repository to store, update, search, and share machine learning (ML) features. The service provides feature management capabilities such as enabling easy feature reuse, low latency serving, time travel, and ensuring consistency between features used in training and inference. Until today, SageMaker Feature Store monitoring was limited to consumed read and write units, which gave a limited view of the operational efficiency of the feature store. View the full article
  18. Amazon QuickSight now supports monitoring of QuickSight assets by sending metrics to Amazon CloudWatch. QuickSight developers and administrators can use these metrics to observe and respond to the availability and performance of their QuickSight ecosystem in near real time. They can monitor dataset ingestions, dashboards, and visuals to provide their readers with a consistent, performant, and uninterrupted experience on QuickSight. For more information, visit here. View the full article
  19. Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra), a scalable, highly available, and fully managed Apache Cassandra-compatible database service, now helps you monitor your table-level storage costs through Amazon CloudWatch. View the full article
  20. At its .conf22 event, Splunk today announced it is making it easier to both onboard data and then manage it across hybrid IT environments via the Splunk Cloud Platform. In addition, Splunk Enterprise is being extended to add support for Microsoft Azure with SmartStore for Azure to store cold data alongside existing support for Amazon […] View the full article
  21. Amazon CloudWatch now supports AWS Elemental MediaTailor logs as part of Vended Logs. Vended logs are specific AWS service logs natively published by AWS services on behalf of the customer and available at volume discount pricing. View the full article
  22. Microservices and microapps are both core components of today's application development. Take a look at what makes them similar, and get started on how to monitor these components effectively. View the full article
  23. As a provider of software and services for global enterprises, Google Cloud understands that the quality and security of products is instrumental in maintaining trust among our customers. We are committed to providing products and services that help our customers meet their quality management objectives, ultimately helping organizations to meet their regulatory and customer requirements. At the heart of this commitment is our robust quality management system (QMS), a process-based approach that aims to achieve high standards of quality in all stages of the product or service lifecycle and which leverages our ISO 9001:2015 certification… Read Article
  24. At the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 event, Datadog announced it made support for the OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP) generally available in the agent software it provides to instrument applications. Ilan Rabinovitch, senior vice president of product and community at Datadog, said that capability eliminates the need to install a separate OpenTelemetry collector to aggregate metrics, […] The post Datadog Adds Support for OpenTelemetry Protocol appeared first on DevOps.com. View the full article
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