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Dell and Nvidia want to build the AI-powered businesses of the future

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Dell has revealed a new partnership with Nvidia aiming to help enterprises adopt more artificial intelligence by addressing the complexities involved with deploying AI.

The announcement at Nvidia GTC 2024 puts an emphasis on the new Dell AI Factory with Nvidia, an initiative designed to accelerate AI integration across various industries, designed for training, tuning, and running AI models – or as Dell puts it, “the entire GenAI lifecycle.”

The fully end-to-end AI enterprise solution will integrate Dell’s compute, storage, client device, software, and service capabilities with Nvidia’s AI infrastructure and software.

Dell and Nvidia AI partnership

UK SVP for Dell, Steve Young, emphasized the user-friendly nature of the company’s collaborative efforts with Nvidia: “Our partnership with NVIDIA allows us to deliver to our customers a straightforward and agile way of managing intricate AI requirements.”

Dell also confirmed it is introducing a rack scale, high-density, liquid-cooled architecture based on the Nvidia Grace Blackwell Supership and that its PowerEdge XE9680 servers will also support new Nvidia GPU models, such as the B200 Tensor Core GPU, which promises up to 15x higher AI inference performance and improved efficiency.

“Together, Nvidia and Dell are helping enterprises create AI factories to turn their proprietary data into powerful insights," Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang commented.

Dell AI Factory is available through Dell APEX subscriptions, which means enterprises will benefit from pay-as-you-go flexibility without a large upfront investment. Also available through traditional channels, Dell AI Factory with Nvidia is now generally available.

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