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Docker, a long-standing partner of Amazon Web Services, has offered products on the AWS Marketplace for years. After significant growth in Docker orders through the AWS marketplace, at the beginning of 2024, Docker achieved an elevated status by joining the exclusive tier of ISVs within the AWS ISV Accelerate Program

This strategic move opens a new chapter for Docker and our customers, who will benefit from an integrated go-to-market approach between Docker and AWS.

Blue and white illustration with AWS and Docker logos

Advantages of embracing the AWS ISV Accelerate Program include:

Strategic collaboration

The program fosters a deeper collaboration between Docker and AWS, creating a unique platform for both parties to work closely with AWS experts. This collaboration is pivotal for optimizing Docker’s solutions for AWS services, ensuring deployment and an enhanced onboarding experience for customers.

Market expansion

Leveraging existing agreements with AWS, customers can easily procure Docker’s offerings, capitalizing on benefits like AWS Marketplace Enterprise Discounts (EDP) and simplified procurement processes. With both go-to-market teams working closely together, customers will benefit from more tailored solutions. 

Technical enablement

The AWS ISV Accelerate Program provides Docker with a wealth of technical resources and guidance, empowering us to enhance product offerings tailored for AWS customers. From comprehensive training on AWS services to best practices and meticulous architectural reviews, Docker is well-equipped to ensure our solutions are compatible and optimized for the cloud.


Docker’s entry into the AWS ISV Accelerate Program marks a significant milestone in our collaborative journey with AWS. The program’s robust support structure, coupled with AWS’s unparalleled global reach, propels Docker into a position where we are accelerating our growth and actively supporting our customers in delivering an exceptional developer experience.

If you are a customer eager to explore the benefits of this dynamic partnership, we encourage you to reach out to your dedicated Docker Account Executive or contact sales. Unleash the power of this collaboration and deliver great developer experiences to your teams.

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