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Video: Docker Build: Simplify Cloud-native Development with Docker & DAPR

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Docker’s Peter McKee hosts serverless wizard and open sorcerer Yaron Schneider for a high-octane tour of DAPR (as in Distributed Application Runtime) and how it leverages Docker. A principal software engineer at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, Schneider co-founded the DAPR project to make developers’ lives easier when writing distributed applications.

DAPR, which Schneider defines as “essentially a sidecar with APIs,” helps developers build event-driven, resilient distributed applications on-premises, in the cloud, or on an edge device. Lightweight and adaptable, it tries to target any type of language or framework, and can help you tackle a host of challenges that come with building microservices while keeping your code platform agnostic.

How do I reliably handle a state in a distributed environment? How do I deal with network failures when I have a lot of distributed components in my ecosystem? How do I fetch secrets securely? How do I scope down my applications? Tag along as Schneider, who also co-founded KEDA (Kubernetes-based event-driven autoscaling), demos how to “dapr-ize” applications while he and McKee discuss their favorite languages and Schneider’s collection of rare Funco pops!

Watch the video (Duration 0:50:36):

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