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Exploring Stable Diffusion 2.0 – Website to Consider for Trying Stable Diffusion 2.0

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StabilityAI developed “Stable Diffusion” as an open-source Artificial Intelligence program, in August 2022, to generate images from text provided by the user. It is a deep-learning AI model that is used to convert text to images. The free-for-use nature of this program has allowed other third-party platforms to utilize it along with their optimizations to create Image Generators that give a wide range of results.

In November 2022, “StabilityAI” released the new and updated version of “Stability Diffusion 2.0” of their program. This version improved on a lot of features of the original program. It had faster processing and greater attention to detail, and the images produced generally had more positive reviews from the users.

Which Websites Can Be Considered to Try Stable Diffusion 2.0?

The following websites can be considered to try “Stable Diffusion 2.0”. These platforms are based on the “Stability Diffusion 2.0” AI program. Since the base program is open source, most of these platforms are free. However, there are limits present on the number of images a user can generate in a day or the resolution of the images themselves.

The following websites can be considered for trying “Stable Diffusion 2.0”:


The fundamental platform for Stability Diffusion 2.0 is “DreamStudio”. This is because it is developed by the same parent company, “StabilityAI”. Creating a new account on DreamStudio provides the user with credits to generate free images but then, further credits have to be purchased. The images created by AI also have a basic resolution of “512 x 512” pixels. The aspect ratio of the images is fixed at “1:1”.

In the screenshot below, you can see the User Interface of the platform:



The “Replicate” platform/site is free upon registration but later the fees are incurred. The users pay by the second when the processing engines of the platform are used. According to this site, the charges depend on the kind of hardware and the duration for which it is used.

Replicate also has many different features that help to enhance old images as well as generate new ones according to text commands. It also provides the means to use AI to enhance the resolution of images and to restore the quality of scans of old vintage photographs by removing creases, blemishes, and tears.

In the screenshot below, you can see the User Interface of the platform:



One of the best AI image generators on the internet is “Playground AI”. This platform can be used free of cost. There are no monetary charges for creating images from AI, however, each user is limited to only being able to generate a fixed number of images in a single day.

This number is fixed at 1000 images at present. Any of the topics from Food, Vehicles, Animals, Landscapes, Portraits, or Sports may be selected to narrow down the possibilities. All these features make the program far more suited to provide the best AI-generated images that exactly fit the user’s specifications.

In the screenshot below, you can see the User Interface of the platform:


Google Colab

The “Google Colab” Notebook to generate AI images was developed by Anzor Qunash by utilizing the open-source Stability Diffusion 2.0 program. This is another free-of-cost site comprising programs where any user can develop them further for all to use freely.

The User Interface created by Anzor provides the tools for customizing the output of images. Moreover, it is completely free to use and there is no limit on the number of images one can create.

In the screenshot below, you can see the User Interface of the platform:



Baseten” is another platform to generate images from text. The starting is free for all users but then pricing plans are introduced to keep the creating images. Similar to “Replicate”, the charges at “Baseten” are based only on the hardware in the background that is utilized to create the requested images. Furthermore, Baseten offers very fast speeds of processing the text commands and produces multiple suggestions for the same command offering the users greater choice.

In the screenshot below, you can see the User Interface of the platform:



The field of images generated by Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing at present. Many platforms provide various features to tailor the images to the needs of the user. These websites are the foremost for generating AI images. They provide images free of cost and have economical plans wherever payment is required.

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