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Announcing HashiCorp’s Homebrew Tap


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Today we’re pleased to announce the release of the official HashiCorp Homebrew Tap. You can now easily and securely install HashiCorp products (Consul, Nomad, Terraform, Packer, and Vault) using the popular macOS-based package manager: Homebrew. Along with the recent release of our Linux repository, this Tap will provide you with a smoother experience getting up and running quickly with our products regardless of the platform you are running.

What Is the Benefit of Using the HashiCorp Tap?

Homebrew is an open-source, community maintained package manager used by many developers who work using macOS. In keeping with the theme, Homebrew’s distribution channels are called “taps.” Formulae for the same HashiCorp software are still distributed in the community-maintained main tap, however, we recommend installing from our tap with hashicorp/tap/terraform rather than the community tap at brew install terraform. Why would you prefer one tap over the other?

The community-maintained tap compiles HashiCorp software on Homebrew's own infrastructure and builds it according to the local formula definition. This is a manual update triggered by a Homebrew contributor.

Formulae in our official tap are maintained by HashiCorp, which means it distributes the exact (byte-to-byte) same binaries that are published to :

  • macOS binaries are signed by HashiCorp and you can verify the signature via the instructions on the HashiCorp's Security page.
  • Teams maintaining HashiCorp software choose the Go version and any build flags deliberately while factoring in support, security, and other concerns. Binaries distributed through this tap reflect this.
  • Formulae updates are automated, which means that you can install the latest updates as soon as they're released.

In addition, you can install HashiCorp tools without worrying about the details of configuring your environment's PATH or looking up the arguments to decompress a package. Using Homebrew to install and manage macOS packages allows you to focus on learning and using the product, not struggle with its installation process.

How to Use the Tap

You will need to make sure you have Homebrew installed on your system. The instructions to do that can be found here. Once Homebrew is installed, you can run the following commands to install any of our products.

  • brew install hashicorp/tap/{vault|consul|nomad|terraform|packer}
  • brew cask install vagrant

To update an existing installation to the latest version, run

  • brew upgrade hashicorp/tap/<product name>

More detailed instructions can be found on the README of our Homebrew Tap repository.

Once you've installed Terraform, Vault, Consul, Nomad, or Packer, continue your learning journey with over 300 step-by-step tutorials at HashiCorp Learn.

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