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Introduction to Kraken, a Chaos Tool for OpenShift/Kubernetes

Red Hat

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It is indispensable to ensure that a system/service built is able to withstand chaotic conditions as failures are inevitable. Chaos engineering helps in boosting confidence in a system's resilience by “breaking things on purpose.” While it may seem counterintuitive, it is crucial to deliberately inject failures into a complex system like OpenShift/Kubernetes and check whether  the system recovers gracefully without any downtime and doesn’t suffer in terms of performance and scalability. Chaos engineering is a discipline to identify potential problems and enhance the system’s resilience.

Kraken to the Rescue

We developed a chaos tool named Kraken with the aim of “breaking things on purpose” and identifying future issues. Kraken enables the user to effortlessly inject chaos in a Kubernetes/OpenShift cluster. The user can continuously cause chaos and watch how the cluster responds to various failure injections over a long run. Additionally, one can validate if the cluster completely recovers from chaos and returns to its normal healthy state after a single set of failure injections.__ptq.gif?a=4305976&k=14&r=https%3A%2F%2

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