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GitHub Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile is now generally available

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Developers are constantly coming up with new ideas, exploring new skills, and collaborating with other developers on work and personal projects. At GitHub, we understand that all this collaboration doesn’t always happen from behind desks and computers. Developers increasingly use their mobile devices to learn, understand, and perform important tasks in the software development process. Today, we’re making that easier than ever, empowering developers to build in natural language wherever they may be, with the general availability of GitHub Copilot Chat for GitHub Mobile.

With GitHub Copilot Chat natively integrated with GitHub Mobile, developers can access their AI coding assistant to get answers for all their coding questions, or even repositories and knowledge bases, from anywhere they use mobile devices.

GitHub Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile suggesting code

By enabling every developer to build and understand code on the go with GitHub Copilot Chat, we will turn the use of natural language into an effective and default part of the coding process. This means lowering barriers to entry and democratizing access to a career in software development–a win for aspiring developers everywhere and a win for a world that increasingly relies on software to push progress forward. Whether a developer needs help understanding a block of code that a colleague wrote, or wants to learn a new framework, GitHub Copilot Chat is there to help.

What can you do with GitHub Copilot Chat?

GitHub Copilot Chat, a cornerstone of the GitHub Copilot experience, has already helped engineering organizations increase productivity by guiding developers through unfamiliar codebases, breaking down complex coding concepts, and so much more–all in natural language. Built specifically for developer scenarios, GitHub Copilot Chat offers personalized assistance to help development teams and individuals get quick answers to a wide variety of coding questions. Developers can also engage in conversations with the top 100,000+ public repositories, enabling them to deepen their understanding of various coding practices and techniques.

Customized in GitHub Copilot Enterprise

At Universe 2023, we announced that with GitHub Copilot Chat, we’re enabling the rise of natural language as the new universal programming language for every developer on the planet. By bringing the AI coding assistant to mobile phones, by far one of the most commonly used computing devices in the world, we’re continuing to deliver on that promise. With GitHub Copilot Enterprise, we’re also customizing GitHub Copilot with the context of an organization’s codebase. Now, that customization extends to mobile.

For organizations using GitHub Copilot Enterprise, developers can direct GitHub Copilot to their organization’s private repositories and ask questions including: “What does this code snippet mean?” or “how often was this function used in the project?” This places organizational knowledge directly at their fingertips. Instead of spending hours searching through documentation, developers can simply ask GitHub Copilot to find the information they need and immediately start building–whether from their computer or mobile device. This empowers teams of developers to innovate faster and express their full creativity in a world of work that is not always confined to an office, or even a desk.

Getting started with GitHub Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile


Getting started with GitHub Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile is easy with a GitHub Copilot Individual plan:

  1. Download the GitHub mobile app from your device’s app store.
  2. Log in or sign up for a GitHub account.
  3. Check your GitHub Copilot license status:
    1. If you have a GitHub Copilot Individual license, GitHub Copilot Chat is enabled by default, allowing you to start using it right away.
    2. Those who don’t have a GitHub Copilot license yet can purchase one directly through the app. This grants access to GitHub Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile and unlocks other powerful features like real-time code suggestions and unlimited chat interactions in the IDE, GitHub Copilot in the CLI, and more.

If you are assigned a GitHub Copilot Business or GitHub Copilot Enterprise license through your organization, ask your administrator to enable GitHub Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile.

Enterprise or organization admins:

Enterprise and organization administrators for companies using GitHub Copilot Business or GitHub Copilot Enterprise can offer access to this functionality to their development teams by enabling it in Copilot settings. Admins can find the GitHub Copilot settings by going to their organization’s settings page and clicking on the “Copilot” tab.

Making GitHub Copilot ubiquitous wherever the developer is

Making GitHub Copilot Chat generally available for GitHub Mobile is the latest example of how we’re empowering developers with AI throughout the entire development lifecycle. When we brought GitHub Copilot to the world with code completion, we immediately began optimizing it for a variety of editors, including Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and the JetBrains suite of IDEs. Then, we launched GitHub Copilot Chat, now deeply integrated into GitHub’s surfaces and the command line interface, and personalized to an organization’s codebase. We also brought GitHub Copilot to pull requests, and launched code scanning autofix powered by GitHub Copilot and CodeQL to help secure the world’s code in realtime. And with GitHub Copilot Workspace, we’re meeting developers at the issue and delivering a new Copilot-native environment where you can go from idea to code in natural language.

Looking ahead, we’ll continue to infuse Copilot across the GitHub platform to lower barriers and empower 1 billion developers to achieve their full potential with code–even when they’re on the go.

We want to hear from you.

We value your feedback to enhance the GitHub Copilot experience. Join the conversation by visiting our community forum and help us shape the future of GitHub Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile.

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