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DevOps has become a fundamental software development methodology in recent years, allowing problems to be solved quickly and at the same time reducing costs, which is essential for every company, and this is where this approach continues to evolve through practices and technologies that will have an important influence throughout this year; So we will see the main trends for 2024, being a promising year in the growth of this field.


What is DevOps?

It is a combination arising from the union of the English words Development (development) and Operations (operations) that designates the union of people, processes or technology in order to offer value to customers on a permanent basis.

DevOps for teams allows previously siled roles (development, IT operations, quality engineering, and security) to now coordinate and collaborate on more reliable products. With the DevOps culture, teams acquire the capacity to better respond to customer requirements.

8 DevOps trends in 2024

1 . GitOps:

It is an approach based on DevOps that seeks to use git repositories to manage application and infrastructure configurations, allowing deployments and updates to be managed in an automated, reliable and secure way. Apply DevOps practices such as collaboration, version control, or CI/CD  to automate infrastructure. GitOps improves the operational efficiency of teams, reduces costs and helps accelerate   companies'  time-to-market .

2. Chaos Engineering

Digital platforms today are more complex and therefore manage their stability as well and this is why Chaos Engineering appears more and more , which is a discipline to detect errors before incurring costs that result from loss of services. .

The idea is to produce intentional failures through experiments that allow us to understand the behavior of applications in specific situations and in this way increase their availability. Chao engineering is a trend in 2023 and will help reduce security risks and provide an improved customer experience

3. Microservices architecture:

It divides monolithic applications into small independent units, providing greater agility to DevOps teams, allowing each service to be scaled according to business needs in a segmented manner instead of scaling a complete application, which is why service architecture will be one of the trends in 2023 .

4. Serverless Computing

Serverless translates to serverless and refers to a model that allows the cloud provider to execute a piece of code by dynamically allocating resources. Serverless computing makes it possible for companies to focus on more priority activities for their business objectives, therefore, it will gain strength in 2023.

5. Low-Code Platforms

It is a low-code software development approach using pre-configured templates, making it easy to quickly develop or deploy applications. Its use will extend to the entire software development life cycle in the coming years.

6. Development based on Kubernetes

Known as k8s, it is an open source platform for automating the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications, it is also recognized as a portable and extensible open source platform for managing workloads and services.

7. Evolution to DevSecOps

Every day security is more important in software development solution, which is why more and more companies will integrate security into their DevOps processes in 2023, by doing this integration, they will move from a DevOps approach to a DevSecOps one.

8. Development with AI

Artificial intelligence will take DevOps to the next level and thus accelerate each phase of the software development life cycle, reducing the need for human intervention.

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