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IT modernization is being driven by AI, security, and sustainability

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Organizations are, once again, looking to modernize their IT infrastructure, with the majority seeing the use of hybrid multicloud as the way forward, driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), security, and sustainability.

This is according to the Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI), the sixth global survey and research report, published by hybrid multicloud computing company Nutanix.

As per the report, IT teams are keen on moving applications and data from one environment to another, due to security and innovation concerns. But the process is challenging, and hybrid multicloud models are perceived as a possible solution. Hence, their use is forecasted to double over the next one to three years, Nutanix argues.

Multicloud will be everywhere

As AI continues to penetrate deeper into business environments, increasing investments to support AI strategies seems to be everyone’s biggest priority, followed closely by investment in IT modernization.

“80% of ECI respondents are planning to invest in IT modernisation, with 85% planning to increase their investments specifically to support AI,” commented Lee Caswell, SVP, Product and Solutions Marketing at Nutanix. “What this year’s ECI reveals is that organizations need to support the technologies of tomorrow by future-proofing their IT infrastructure today.” 

Hybrid multicloud, Caswell concludes, is emerging as the best and most flexible solution.

Hybrid multicloud infrastructure deployments will become an infrastructure standard, the report further claims. In fact, nine in ten (90%) of ECI respondents are looking to be “cloud smart” – leveraging the best environment (e.g., data centre, public  cloud, edge) for each of their applications.

What’s more, four in five (80%) of respondents believe hybrid IT environments are most beneficial to their ability to manage applications and data. 

Even the executives are seeing this as a priority, as almost half of the survey’s respondents said introducing hybrid IT is a major priority for their Chief Information Officers.

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