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These new Backbone One controllers are perfect if you haven't upgraded to an iPhone 15

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Mobile gaming peripheral manufacturer Backbone has announced two new mobile controllers: the Backbone One - Lightning (2nd Gen) and the Backbone One PlayStation Edition - Lightning (2nd Gen).

Intended to supersede the existing Lightning versions of the original Backbone One and Backbone One PlayStation Edition, the two controllers boast all the enhancements of the recent second generation Backbone One revision but with a Lightning connector instead of USB-C.

This means that owners of older iPhones can finally take advantage of the improved D-pad and buttons found on the second generation Backbone One, not to mention the set of included magnetic adapters that enhance the fit on larger devices or when using a phone case.

Cable ties

We awarded the original Lightning model a glowing five out of five stars in our Backbone One iOS controller review, praising its excellent ergonomics and compatibility with native mobile games and streaming platforms such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. One of our few complaints was the lack of any accommodation for the added bulk of phone cases, which is an issue solved by this second generation version.

If you’re out of the loop, Apple moved away from its proprietary Lightning connector with the launch of the iPhone 15 series back in September 2023 in order to comply with European Union legislation. It adopted the more widespread USB-C standard instead, but this meant that many older accessories that used the Lightning connector were no longer compatible with the most recent models.

As it seems like all future iPhone devices are going to use USB-C, releasing a new peripheral with a Lightning connector in 2024 is definitely a little unexpected. Even so, it’s easy to imagine that there are still plenty of mobile gamers relying on these older Apple devices. I’m still clinging on to my iPhone 13 mini, for example, and don’t have any real plans to upgrade soon even with the release of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile later this week.

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