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Buying a new TV in 2024? Make it a Sony

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The Paris Olympics, Euro 2024, F1, the conclusion of the Premier League… there’s going to be a lot to watch in 2024, and that’s without even mentioning all the great TV shows and movies. 

With superb picture quality, immersive sound, and the best motion control in the business, Sony’s TVs are the only ones that will do all this content justice. And with a range of technologies speaking to a wide spread of budgets, there’s something for you, whatever your needs and means.

You can score some massive savings when you trade in your old TV thanks to Currys’ Trade-in event. There’s more information below. 

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Sony A84L: Your window to another world


(Image credit: Sony)

The award-winning Sony A80L is one of the best OLED TVs ever tested, and this is the same TV with a slightly different name. The picture is brought to life courtesy of Sony’s XR OLED Contrast Pro technology – this brings out an incredible amount of detail in even the dingiest parts of dark scenes. When the action lightens up a little, colours pop from the screen in over a billion different shades thanks to the XR Triluminos Pro display with Rich Colour Enhancer. It has to be seen to be believed.

It’s got you covered if you’re watching older media from your collection – XR 4K upscaling polishes them up to modern standards of picture quality, intelligently filling in lost texture and detail. Motion is typically excellent for a Sony TV – it really is leagues ahead of rivals here – with XR OLED Motion making fast-moving scenes and especially sports look buttery smooth. And if you’re gaming, the Auto Low Latency Mode enabled through the HDMI 2.1 connection means zero lag, giving you a competitive advantage.

It’s all driven by Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR, one of the smartest brains of any TV ever made. That’s also in charge of the sound, which really is a cut above.

Acoustic Surface Audio+ turns the entire screen into a speaker, and is able to place sounds with pinpoint precision. Gunshots come from the muzzle of a weapon and dialogue directly from the characters’ mouths. It’s the most engrossing way to enjoy a film.

Struggling to hear what a character says? Not anymore. Voice Zoom 2 zeroes in on dialogue so you can hear even the faintest of whispers. XR Surround and Dolby Atmos tech add height channels to the audio, making the audio that bit more immersive.

The Google TV operating system comes with all the apps you could need (like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video), and you get exclusive access to the Sony BRAVIA CORE app, bringing you a huge collection of IMAX Enhanced movies.

It even looks good when it’s switched off, thanks to the metal flush surface bezel. And its three-way stand can be adjusted to fit your furniture or to accommodate a separate soundbar. The ultimate TV for the pinnacle of viewing pleasure. Available in 55”, 65”, 77” & 83” screen sizes.

Find out more about the Sony A84L

Sony X85L: A stadium for the front room


(Image credit: Sony)

Sony’s X85L is perfect for watching big sporting events. Its 4K Full Array LED display packs more LEDs into the screen, meaning more brightness, more detail and billions of vivid colours. Its 4K HDR Processor X1 analyses what’s showing on screen and controls each zone in real time, so it can react in the blink of an eye. The result? More detail, more texture and a more lifelike presentation, making the big game even more engrossing.

No matter how frantic the action becomes, Sony’s X-Motion Clarity tech keeps even the fastest-moving objects in focus, so you can see every swing, kick, hurdle and volley in jaw-dropping detail. 

And when the final whistle has blown and it’s time for a movie marathon, the X85L will step up to the challenge. Its 4K X-Reality PRO technology upscales lesser content to 4K quality, giving even the oldest films in your collection a new lease of life. Time for some gaming? The X85L has you covered, with its 120Hz refresh rate rendering even the most hectic of games with no stuttering, fragmentation or screen tearing. And with support for auto low latency mode (ALLM) via HDMI 2.1, it’s one of the most advanced gaming TVs around.

The built-in light sensor adjusts the screen brightness depending on the lighting conditions of your room, so whether you’re watching the cup final on a sunny afternoon or a late-night movie, you’ll see every detail. Dolby Atmos virtual surround sound puts you right in the middle of the action, for films, sports and games. Available in 55”, 65” & 75” screen sizes.

Find out more about the Sony X85L

Sony X75L: The true crowd-pleaser


(Image credit: Sony)

The Sony X75L makes Sony’s world-leading picture technology more accessible than ever. 

This 4K TV has HDR for creating a greater difference between the light and dark parts of the picture, with more gradual steps in between. That means greater depth, resulting in a more lifelike image – perfect for sport, but also for movies, games and more cinematic TV productions. It has the same 4K Processor X1 as the X85L, which ‘reads’ the content in real time to bring out more texture and detail. It also has the same Motionflow XR technology to keep even fast-moving objects in focus, and Dolby Atmos for virtual surround sound (complete with height channels) without the need for lots of separate speakers. Just like the other models, a built-in light sensor adjusts the screen brightness depending on the lighting conditions of your room.

It runs the same Google TV operating system too, with quick and easy access to all of your streaming and catch-up services. You can also stream content from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, straight to the TV via Apple AirPlay, Apple HomeKit and Chromecast built-in.

Like all the TVs on this list you’ll get access to Sony’s Eco Dashboard which puts all of your eco settings in one place to help you save energy without the hassle.

Available in 43”, 50”, 55”, 65” & 75” Screen sizes.

Find out more about the Sony X75L

Trade-in, save big

There’s big money off all of these TVs and more with Currys’ Trade-in event. Trade-in any old TV and you can get £50 any Sony TV worth over £649, or £100 off any Sony set worth over £1000. Terms and conditions apply. Trade-in offer ends 19/03/24.

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