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Maingear launches gorgeous gaming PCs with even sleeker motherboard cable management

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Maingear announced its latest line of gaming PCs, which not only boasts a beautiful aesthetic but also feature truly unique: hidden motherboard cables.

The Zero series not only has one of the cleanest designs I’ve ever seen among the best gaming PCs, but it also uses MG-RC (Maingear Rear Connection) technology. It combines a stunning chassis interior through incredible cable management but also promotes optimal airflow and component upgrades that are much more simplified to make. 

Zero series gaming PCs are built with MSI's MAG Pano M100 PZ MATX chassis, which are meant for MG-RC-equipped motherboards. They also come equipped with MSI Project Zero motherboards featuring MG-RC rear connectors. This allows the motherboard cabled connections to be pushed to the rear/underside, which ensures a cable-free appearance on the inside of the PC case.  

The starting price is $1,399 (around £1,095 / AU$2,115), which is rather affordable and could even be listed as one of the best budget gaming PCs.

black gaming PC with glass side

(Image credit: Maingear)

Maingear is on to something

It’s interesting how the Zero series we have now started off as the Zero Limited Edition gaming PC. This original run only had 50 units total, which is an incredibly low amount and clearly sold out fast enough to warrant a more permanent product.

The MSI B760M Project Zero motherboard was paired with the MSI MAG Pano M1000 PZ White chassis, making for a particularly striking combo. And just like the current Zero series, this limited edition version uses MG-RC to great effect here too.

Though it’s a bit intricate now, hopefully, the concept of moving around the motherboard cables as well as any other components sticks around. Cable management is something gamers always struggle with, especially with how components are built within the chassis in the first place.

Something as simple as having cables feed through the back instead of the front is absolutely mind-blowing in how simple yet effective it is. If more manufacturers could pull off similar feats, it would change gaming PC design for the better.

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