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Looking for a new laptop? Here’s why Dell’s XPS 13, XPS 14 and XPS 16 are serious contenders for your wish-list

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Dell has a new range of XPS laptops for 2024, and these XPS 13, XPS 14 and XPS 16 notebooks arrived on February 20. You might well be curious as to what innovations these devices bring with them – and why you should consider buying an XPS from Dell.

This article will dive into the all-new trio of laptops, which are designed for people across the board, from the average notebook user through to the tech enthusiast, as well as creators, gamers, and workers (remote, or otherwise). Everyone is catered for with the new XPS family, which is part of a new category of AI PCs that allow a range of users to take advantage of on-device AI.

Dell XPS 2024 Family

(Image credit: Dell)

New XPS family members for 2024

Dell has made some fundamental changes to the XPS range this year, adjusting the size of the laptops and offering new screen sizes designed to meet the needs of portability and creativity.

The Dell XPS 13 is the one model that remains the same size (13.4-inches), but it’s slightly lighter, yet still offers great battery life.

New for 2024 is the XPS 14, which is more compact than last year’s XPS 15, weighing significantly less than that model (over 220 grams less, in fact!), sporting a 14.5-inch display. Despite shrinking its form-factor to something more portable, the new XPS 14 again offers impressive amounts of battery longevity.

At the top-end of the range, Dell has brought in the new XPS 16, which is 11% smaller than last year’s XPS 17, and weighs less (by 180 grams). It’s super-thin (just 18mm) with a 16.3-inch screen.

Dell XPS 16 2024 Angle

(Image credit: Dell)

XPS advantages

Each of these new Dell XPS laptops boasts a number of innovations which make the range compelling prospects for buyers across the board.

For starters, all the new XPS notebooks offer the latest Intel (R) Core (TM) Ultra processors (also known as Meteor Lake). These chips don’t just offer peppy performance, but they’re power-efficient, and supercharge AI experiences too.

Intel’s (R) Core (TM) Ultra processors are capable of running even demanding apps smoothly, with plenty of power under the hood. Furthermore, a fresh addition for this generation of silicon is an NPU. That’s a Neural Processing Unit which accelerates AI workloads, delivering even better performance and efficiency for those tasks that are becoming increasingly common in the modern world.

In short, all these notebooks pack the power and performance you need for even complex projects or tasks, or for that matter, kicking back to relax with some gaming.

Dell’s XPS laptops also share a stylish and iconic design, with premium materials used in their construction, which you can see from the chassis through to the keyboard and of course the display that’s the jewel in the crown here.

Dell XPS 14 2024

(Image credit: Dell)

Surrounded by Dell’s trademark InfinityEdge ultra-thin bezels, these notebooks offer options on OLED and LCD screens (both standard displays and touchscreens). They’re upgraded panels that boast breath-taking levels of detail, brightness and contrast. They also boast HDR support in many cases, along with variable refresh rate support (up to 120Hz).

The OLED screens in particular are jaw-dropping, and with more vivid colours and deeper blacks, they’re a great choice for photo or video editing for example, and indeed the entertainment side of the equation, such as watching movies or gaming.

Whether you’re enjoying Netflix on the move or working on a spreadsheet, the other important commonality with these XPS laptops is that they offer plentiful battery life. All models will give you up to 14 hours (or more) of Netflix streaming according to Dell’s figures. Furthermore, these XPS notebooks also benefit from ExpressCharge tech, which charges up to 80% of battery life in 60 minutes.

Dell XPS 13 2024

(Image credit: Dell)

Whichever XPS model you choose, you’ll be sure to benefit from not only the above advantages, but you can also expect crystal-clear video chats thanks to a Full HD webcam complemented by intelligent (AI-powered) features. In short, when it comes to video meetings or chats, you’ll look your best and always be heard.

A myriad of extra touches and attention to detail, such as large keycaps for a keyboard which gives a truly comfortable typing experience, and a touchpad augmented with haptic feedback, are also provided with the new XPS range.

Dell XPS 16 2024 Rear

(Image credit: Dell)

Which is the best new XPS laptop for you?

If you’re a student or an everyday user – and especially if you want to take your laptop with you, wherever you go, quite often – the obvious choice is the revamped XPS 13. That’s because it’s so very compact, thin and light, yet it still packs seriously impressive battery life that’ll keep you working or playing for a long time away from a power socket. With an Intel (R) Core (TM) Ultra 5 or Intel (R) Core (TM) Ultra 7 processor on board, this gives you plenty of horsepower to tackle your daily workload, or engage in some casual gaming to wind down.

The all-new XPS 14 is remarkably portable, too, but offers more performance grunt with the Intel (R) Core (TM) Ultra 7 processor than the XPS 13 for power users on the move. It still sports excellent levels of battery life, plus you get the option of adding a discrete GPU for an even more powerful notebook to tackle the likes of rendering or more demanding creative tasks (or gaming). The XPS 14 represents the most potent blend of performance and portability overall, and it’s ideal for creative professionals and remote working. TechRadar said of this device: “The Dell XPS 14 could be the next great ultraportable laptop.”

Finally, at the top of the tree is the XPS 16, which remains a relatively sleek laptop despite the high level of performance on offer with either the Intel (R) Core (TM) Ultra 9 processor or the Intel (R) Core (TM) Ultra 7 processor. You can specify a discrete GPU if needed, and creatives, engineers or programmers will find this model to be a powerhouse portable capable of dealing with the most demanding needs.

In short, the XPS 16 is an ideal choice for the kind of power users who will be working with the laptop at their desk for a good deal of the time (but with the flexibility to take the notebook to meetings when needed). The XPS 16 also has the power to accomplish laptop gaming with some considerable finesse, and Dell’s 16.3-inch 4K OLED screen does justice to any content, whether it’s work or play.

Dell XPS 2024 on a Desk

(Image credit: Dell)

Tidy bonuses

A further boon to bear in mind is that Dell XPS laptops are environmentally-friendly. These devices are manufactured utilising low carbon aluminium, along with recycled aluminium and glass, plus the packaging for the notebooks is made from 100% recycled or renewable content (and is fully recyclable itself). Additionally, Dell’s supply chain only partners with the most sustainable of companies, with Intel being voted by Barrons as one of America’s most sustainable firms.

Furthermore, also note that Dell Rewards members get 5,000 bonus points when purchasing the new XPS 13, XPS 14 or XPS 16 (this offer is valid until April 1*), as a bonus incentive.

Whatever your preferred new Dell XPS laptop, you can head over to the Dell store right now and pick up a powerhouse of a portable.

 *Join the Dell rewards program for free to get exclusive offers and other benefits. The XPS Dell Rewards promotion is only valid for Dell Rewards members from February 20 to April 1. See full program terms at Dell Rewards | Dell UK

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