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Selling your camera? Get 5% extra with this exclusive deal at MPB

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If you're a photographer, no doubt you'll already be aware of MPB as one of the best places to pick yourself up a shiny new (used) camera. This massive online store features tens of thousands of listings on everything from high-end Leicas to bargain DLSRs.

What makes MPB such a compelling option for photographers is not just its vast inventory, but the way you can sell directly to the site and effortlessly get a quote on your old gear in real-time. As the primo camera trade-in site in the UK, MPB easily allows you to weigh up how much you'll get for your gear before you commit - and gives you great prices on trades if you're looking to upgrade too.

We've teamed up with MPB to offer TechRadar readers an extra 5% on their sell quote at MPB when they use our exclusive code at checkout - a superb little bonus for both selling and trading. Note, however, that this limited-time-only exclusive will only be available until March 31st, so don't hesitate if you've been thinking about handing in that old DLSR for a shiny new mirrorless. 


MPB.com: get 5% extra on your sell quote
TechRadar readers can use our exclusive code at MPB to get an extra 5% on their real-time sell quote this March. As one of the best Sell Back programs available anywhere online, this is a superb deal that's perfect for those looking to upgrade to a shiny new system.
Ends March 31stView Deal

I've used MPB myself several times

Nikon Z6 II camera in the hand without a lens

(Image credit: Future)

Photography is a real love of mine - and, like most photographers, I love to tinker with my setup constantly. With the usually cost-prohibitive sums that new gear fetches, I've found MPB to be one of the best ways to get my hands on new stuff without completely breaking the bank.

By far and away the biggest selling point of MPB is that you know you're getting gear that is 100% guaranteed to be as described on the product page. MPB has a team of professionals checking every piece of gear that goes through their system so you're not relying on a 'trust me bro' situation on an auction site. All listings on MPB have six months of warranty as standard, with options for additional coverage should you want that extra security.

The trade-in process is exceptionally easy with MPB, too. They simplify the process massively by providing a label, instructions, and even a courier to pick up your gear directly from your doorstep. All you need is a box and you're good to go.

A few hidden gems on MPB

Just because I couldn't resist as the Deals Editor here at TechRadar, here are a few listings on MPB that have particularly caught my eye this week - all for around £1,000, which is a good starting point for most systems.

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