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Apple Releases visionOS 1.1 With Improvements to Persona, EyeSight, Virtual Keyboard and More

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Apple today released visionOS 1.1, marking the first major update to the ‌visionOS‌ operating system that was launched alongside the Vision Pro in February.

‌visionOS‌ updates can be installed by going to the Settings app on the Vision Pro, selecting the General section, and choosing Software Update. The Vision Pro headset will need to be removed to install new software, with a progress bar available on the front EyeSight display.

Apple is making several improvements to the Vision Pro with the ‌visionOS‌ update. Mobile Device Management is available for businesses, and Persona and EyeSight look better than before.

The virtual keyboard has been updated to address bugs and make cursor positioning more accurate, and there are also bug fixes for the Mac Virtual Display. Apple's release notes for the update are below.
Mobile Device Management
- Enables account-driven device and user enrollment using Managed Apple IDs
- Support for device configuration (Wi-Fi, VPN, email accounts, single sign-on, and more)
- Support for deploying apps in volume including iPhone and iPad compatible apps, visionOS apps included in a Universal purchase, and proprietary in-house visionOS apps
- Support for remote erase via MDM and device inventory data

- Adds support for iMessage Contact Key Verification

- Closed captions can be anchored to the playback control while viewing Apple Immersive Video

Persona (beta) and EyeSight
- Adds an option to enroll your Persona hands-free
- Improves hair and makeup appearance
- Improves neck and mouth representation
- Improves rendering of the eyes for EyeSight

Virtual keyboard
- Cursor positioning for text input is now more accurate
- Resolves some instances where the virtual keyboard placement obscures the text input field
- Fixes an issue where in some cases, the text preview on the virtual keyboard may appear out of sync with the text field in the app
- Fixes an issue where the edit menu may appear unexpectedly

Mac Virtual Display
- Improves the reliability of discovering and connecting to a Mac using Mac Virtual Display
- Resolves an issue where Universal Control may stop working
- Addresses a connectivity issue that occurs when a previously paired Bluetooth device cannot be found

Captive Network Support
- Ability to set up your device while using a captive WiFi network such as those found at hotels, cafes and airports

For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:

The first year of the Vision Pro will see plenty of feature refinements, so expect quite a few more updates. Apple is also already working on ‌visionOS‌ 2, which will be previewed in June.
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