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Istio Envoy Advance Demo Video

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Istio and Envoy are open-source projects that are commonly used together to manage and secure microservices-based applications within Kubernetes or other containerized environments.

  1. Envoy:
    • Envoy is a high-performance, open-source proxy designed for cloud-native applications. It’s often deployed as a sidecar proxy alongside each service instance in a microservices architecture.
    • Envoy acts as a transparent intermediary between microservices, handling traffic routing, load balancing, service discovery, encryption, and observability.
    • Key features of Envoy include dynamic configuration, automatic service discovery, advanced load balancing algorithms, circuit breaking, and rich metrics collection.
  2. Istio:
    • Istio is a service mesh platform built on top of Envoy, which provides a layer of infrastructure that facilitates communication, security, and observability between services.
    • Istio uses Envoy as its data plane proxy, handling all network communication between services.
    • Key features of Istio include traffic management (such as traffic splitting and routing), security (including mTLS encryption, access control, and policy enforcement), and observability (metrics, logs, and distributed tracing).
    • Istio also offers advanced features like fault injection, rate limiting, and distributed request tracing for troubleshooting and debugging microservices-based applications.

Together, Envoy and Istio provide a powerful set of tools for managing and securing microservices architectures, improving reliability, scalability, and maintainability of modern cloud-native applications. They allow developers and operators to implement complex networking and security requirements without modifying application code, enabling greater agility and flexibility in deploying and operating microservices-based systems.

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