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Got a first-gen Pixel Watch? It just got a new upgrade to improve your workouts

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As part of the recent March Feature Drop, the first-generation Pixel Watch can now track your workouts and heart rate and will even teach you how to cool down.

There are six new changes in total, according to Google. The first of these is called Pace Training. Utilizing the wearable’s built-in GPS and motion-detecting sensors, runners can use this tool to set a certain pace they want to maintain while jogging. If you have a pair of Pixel Buds Pro connected, they let you know if you begin to slow down via auditory and haptic feedback. 

Pixel Watch Pace Training

(Image credit: Google)

The second is Heart Zone Training, as mentioned earlier. This feature monitors how long your heart stays at a certain rate, whether resting or active. It’s meant to help people optimize their exercises so they can get the most out of their workouts. Similar to Pace Training, the tool will notify you when you’ve jumped from “one heart rate zone to another.”

Never get lost again

Google also saw fit to tweak the Pixel Watch’s workout user interface by increasing the font size and making the on-screen colors brighter for easier viewing. Auto-start and auto-stop are being included in the patch. These two allow the wearable to automatically start a workout whenever it detects you performing an activity. For example, when you start jogging, the Pixel Watch will instantly begin to record your run without needing extra input. 

To help you cool down after an intense gym session, the new Fitbit Relax app will guide you through a breathing exercise, telling you how long to inhale and when to exhale.

Pixel Watch Fitbit Relax app

(Image credit: Google)

The last feature doesn’t directly pertain to exercise, but it’s still helpful as the Pixel Watch will now display public transit directions in real-time. The company states users can see their different public transit options and departure times, plus a “compass-enabled map view”. All this can be done without having to pull up Google Maps on your smartphone.

If any of this seems familiar to you, that’s because the Pixel Watch 2 has had most of these features for some time now. Google is making good on past promises of continued support for the original device. Does this mean the first Pixel Watch is now as good as the current model? 

No. The gap between the two is certainly smaller now, but the Pixel Watch 2 is still the superior wearable. It’s better at monitoring your heart rate and blood oxygen levels, plus it houses a continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) sensor for detecting sudden spikes of stress.

Keep an eye out for the update when it arrives on your Pixel Watch. Google states the rollout for the patch begins today.

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