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Is Facebook down? Yes it is! And so is Instagram and Facebook Messenger

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Facebook is down, with and Meta itself citing "major disruptions". And Downdetector is also indicating outages, with Instagram also appearing to be down in some regions.

After checking the Facebook app on my iPhone 15 Pro Max, I was informed the session had expired and I needed to log in again. After putting in the password, Facebook appeared to do a virtual hiccup and then tell me there was something wrong.

As a result, this also means Facebook Messenger is also down and boots users back to a login screen where their credentials don't appear to be accepted.

However, I can still login to Instagram, while some of my colleagues report that they can't. So it looks like the outage is somewhat sporadic.

This story is developing so read on.

So when I try to login to Facebook or Facebook Messenger I get a pop up saying an "unexpected error occurred" and no joy in getting around it. 

Taking a look at Downdetector and Facebook has just had a huge outage spike. 

An image of a Facebook outage in Downdetector

(Image credit: Ookla )

Apparently WhatsApp users are reporting outages too, but my WhatsApp app is working fine. This is odd. 

an image showing reports of WhatsApp outage on Downdetector

(Image credit: Ookia)

it's hard to tell, but it would appear that these outages are partially region-specific. WhatsApp and Instagram are fine for me, but Facebook isn't letting me log in. 

However, others are saying they can't get into Instagram and Downdetector is flagging WhatsApp outages. 

Ah! News Editor Mark Wilson has just pointed out that WhatsApp has only 300 or so outage reports, while Facebook's outage reports are at 250,000. 

So it looks like Meta's main social network is bearing the brunt of the outage. 

As one might expect X, the social media site formerly known as Facebook, is awash with people flagging Facebook outages. 

Has Facebook and Messenger logged you out and then rejects your password?Don't panic, you're not alone, LOADS of people seem to be experiencing this right now.I guess we just gotta wait and see what the heck this is 🤷‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/YiQz17AeXRMarch 5, 2024

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"Has Facebook" Yes it has 😳😞🤔😡 pic.twitter.com/PsipryfCrGMarch 5, 2024

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No official Facebook statement has landed in our inboxes, but Andy Stone, Communications Director at Meta, tweeted (or is that X-ed) that: "We're aware people are having trouble accessing our services. We are working on this now." 

We're aware people are having trouble accessing our services. We are working on this now.March 5, 2024

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Ever the intrepid tech journalist, our own US Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff was quick to ask Andy Stone what's going on. 

Can you tell us what happened? It seems unusual for all services to go down together.March 5, 2024

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Anyway, here's the Downdetector image for Instagram. Looks like things ain't rosy on Meta's tech side. 

an image of Instagram outage on Downdetector

(Image credit: Ookla)

Also for our American readers, don't put this down to Super Tuesday conspiracy theories. I know it's tempting but no, just no.  

One of the great things about such outages is they spawn a load of quick and dirty memes. See below! 

#instagramdown#facebookdown When Facebook and Instagram went down Everyone : pic.twitter.com/KvlOy0fo5zMarch 5, 2024

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So what could have caused this outage? Well there's a myriad of regions. It could be a problem with a clutch of servers or a Facebook data center could have gone down. 

Equally, there could have been a misconfigured cloud instance, as Facebook uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its global operations. So something wrong on that side could be the culprit. 

So what do you do now that Facebook is down? Well I guess you'll have to find old school friends and crushes on X or in old photos, rather than lurking on the social network. 

Or you could just go outside... 

Or you could just be a bit of prat on X, much like the below tweet from Elon Musk.  

If you’re reading this post, it’s because our servers are workingMarch 5, 2024

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So Meta's Facebook login page is citing "Major disruptions". The phrase that comes to mind rhymes with 'go hit'. 

an image of the Facebook login page status from Meta

(Image credit: Meta)

Oh, if you're just getting to this live blog, don't worry you've not been hacked. Facebook is just down. 

For more hacking information, heck out TechRadar Pro's article on Social media hacking: how to protect your account against intruders

Despite the outages, Instagram is still up and running for me. That means I can continue to feel inadequate in the face of fitness influencers and people who can cook really rather nice meals or have massive Lego collections. 

If you want some social media goodness to keep you amused while facebook is out, then check out the TechRadar TikTok account. There we've got a load of cool videos of the latest and most interesting consumer tech. 

And here's a video of me making a fool out of myself on it...


♬ James Bond Theme - Monty Norman

The whole outage has come a day after Instagram did some notable changes to its process of direct messaging between users. So maybe some code gremlin or misconfigured cloud server has had some cascade effect after the change was implemented. 

Of course, this is just speculation on my part. 

Sometimes you have to fix that typo 🤷https://t.co/bigVZWyAeuMarch 4, 2024

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Remember that bit on The Social Network when Mark Zuckerberg (played by Michael Cera) said "We don't crash ever"? Yeah that's not aged well. 

FYI, if you've not watched The Social Network then fix that right away as it's excellent. 

Another problem with Facebook being down is where does your uncle with the questionable views post, or comment, on equally dubious content? 

Makes you think... 

When Facebook's login problems are fixed, I really hope Mark Zuckerberg responds with something like: "Meta late than never."

Yeha, ok, that's not great but I haven't had enough coffee today. 

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