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Google is finally ready to make Chromebook apps easier to use

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Although users of the best Chromebooks have access to three types of apps – web apps that run through Chrome’s browser, apps on the Google Play Store, and apps that run using Linux development environment – they can often be disorganized and difficult to find. However, a brand-new online storefront will now make that task much easier.

According to 9to5Google, it seems Google will be launching the online tool App Mall, which will help Chromebook users find new apps. Currently, the App Mall is in early testing and is locked behind a flag in chrome://flags, but we do know that eventually the Mall will be a link to a website discover.apps.chrome (for now the site isn’t live).

So far we can assume that this new App Mall will feature Android, web, and game apps at the start since they’re already included in the built-in ‘Explore’ app. Later on, we should be getting other features as well.

screenshot of chrome os feature

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

Google continues to enhance Chrome 

This new App Mall is a feature that’s been a long time coming. While there are plenty of benefits to using Chrome OS, the app system is easily the worst thing on the operating system. It’s incredibly difficult to navigate and locate the apps you want, despite the plentiful options available. Hopefully, once this new storefront opens up to the general public it’ll be a much-needed improvement for Chrome. 

This isn’t the first major improvement being made to Chrome recently either. Google improved on-device capabilities for Chrome on iOS and Android devices to show search results when your internet connection isn’t at its best. It also means that you’ll get better suggestions when using Incognito Mode.

Other enhancements are also coming to search, including past results influencing your current search once you reopen a tab. For instance, searching “Japchae” on Google means the next time you open a new search tab it will display those search results but also “People also search for” suggestions.

Google has been updating its services across the board, whether for Chrome OS, Google search, portable devices, and more. It’s nice to see the tech giant better its services by improving constantly used features or by creating new ones.

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