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All-New Apple Watch Hermès 'Tricot' Knitted Band Released

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Apple and Hermès today released an all-new knitted "Tricot" Apple Watch band, available in four color options.

Apple describes the Tricot Single Tour as "a knitted textile band that comfortably hugs the wrist like a glove." It is available as a single tour band only.

Patterned on 1930s-era Hermès gloves created for driving, sailing, and golf, the Tricot band takes what was old and makes it new again. The continuous textile knit comfortably hugs the wrist, imparting both a freedom of movement and a sense of élan.

Hermès already sells a number of "Tricot" luxury accessories such as neckties. Unlike its main selection Tricot accessories, which tend to be made of 100% silk, the Apple Watch Hermès Tricot Single Tour is made of polyamide yarn. Polyamide is waterproof and enables the band to be used when swimming, just like all of the other non-leather Apple Watch Hermès bands.

The Tricot Single Tour band is available in Bleu Jean, Jaune de Naples, Orange, and Beige de Weimar. It is only compatible with 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm Apple Watch models.


The Tricot Single Tour replaces the both the single and double tour Apple Watch Hermès Bridon bands on the company's main Apple Watch band webpage. The Apple Watch Hermès Bridon bands are knitted just like the Tricot, suggesting that the new band could replace it when stock runs out.

The Bridon band is still available, but it may only be while stocks last as a result. Apple tends to allow discontinued Apple Watch Hermès bands to sell out over a longer period of time rather than outright de-listing them. The Navy/Gris/Ciel Bridon band also continues to be available directly from Hermès, but now on a separate webpage, just like many of the leather Apple Watch Hermès bands that Apple stopped selling in September last year.

Alongside its refresh of iPhone and Apple Watch band color options earlier today, Apple and Hermès added Bleu Céleste/Écru and Framboise/Écru Color options to the Hermès Toile H Single Tour band, Bleu Céleste/Bleu Jean and Jaune d'Or/Bleu Jean color options to the Hermès Twill Jump Single Tour and, and Blanc and Bleu Céleste color options to the Hermès Kilim Single Tour band.

The Apple Watch Hermès Tricot Single Tour band is now available to order for $349.
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