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Spotify’s Song Psychic is a musical crystal ball that can predict your future

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If you thought Spotify had finally stopped calling you out on your listening habits, I’m sorry to say that Spotify is pushing that judgy vibe even further with a new immersive experience. 

The in-app feature, called Song Psychic, connects with you on a ‘spiritual level’. Taking you on a cosmic journey, you ask your most burning questions about the future using prompts, and Spotify will give you an answer in the form of a single song. With its new experience, Spotify delves deeper into the online obsession with astrology and divination, following the Daylist feature that marked its first step in this direction. 

To use the feature, you can visit spotify.com/songpsychic on your mobile device, or I’ve found it’s easier to go into the Spotify app and type ‘Song Psychic’ into the search hub. In the app it’ll appear as a feature in the ‘Genres & Moods’ section. 

The idea of Song Psychic is to give you loose and unserious ‘predictions’ of the future by asking it questions on a number of areas. You can choose from nine topics related to different aspects of your life, with school, style, career, and family and friends among the list. Song Psychic can even give you insight into your love life, or help you decide what to have for lunch. 

Spotify Song Psychic what should I have for lunch

(Image credit: Future)

In each section, a variety of default questions will appear. Prompts include “will I get that job I applied for?”, “do I have a secret twin?”, or everyday thoughts like “is water wet?”. Alternatively, you can tap ‘Ask for me’, and Spotify will give you a topic and question at random.

Ambient music plays and pulsating liquid visuals fill your screen as Spotify enters psychic medium mode, shifting through your listening habits to choose a song as your answer. When I entered the prompt “am I the drama?” Spotify retaliated with ‘Green Light’ from Lorde’s album Melodrama – subtle shade? Once you have your song, it can be shared externally to your social media accounts for other people to see.

Building on the personalization aspect of Spotify Wrapped, Song Psychic taps into your listening habits differently than other features in the app. While Wrapped and even Playlist in a Bottle have cemented themselves as annual quasi-events, Song Psychic takes a more playful approach, and is available all year round.

Spotify’s new integrated experience has been widely rolled out to both Free and Premium subscribers, and here’s how you can use it yourself.

Spotify Song Psychic

(Image credit: Spotify )

Where to find and how to use Song Psychic

1. Visit http://spotify.com/songpsychic  

Alternatively, you can search ‘Song Psychic’ in the Spotify app which will appear under ‘Genres & Moods’.  

Spotify Song Psychic title and welcome page

(Image credit: Future)

2. Select a topic to explore  

There are a total of nine to choose from: School, Style, Lunch, Love, Career, Myself, My Future, Friends & Family, and Life’s Greatest Mysteries. You can also tap ‘Ask for me’, which will let Song Psychic read your mind and randomly generate a topic and question.  

Spotify Song Psychic topic selection page

(Image credit: Future)

3. Time to ask the burning question 

Once you’ve chosen your topic, choose a question from the list to ask Song Psychic. 

Spotify Song Psychic questions and prompts page

(Image credit: Future)

4. Watch Spotify predict your future  

Song Psychic will contemplate your question and find the perfect song to answer it with. Once you have your song, you can ask another question, or you can share your results to your social media accounts.   

Spotify Song Psychic answer generator

(Image credit: Future)

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