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Eve Energy's new outdoor smart plug may give you new ways to control your home


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Smart home brand Eve Energy is apparently working on a new outdoor smart plug that may give you the ability to control other devices on the network.

This information comes via a post found on the official website for the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). It consists of an image of the plug alongside a brief description of what it can do. The device itself is compact and square-shaped with what appears to be a black flap for protecting the outlets. According to the accompanying text, Eve’s plug will allow homeowners to control their house’s smart lights and appliances either through voice commands or through the official app. It’ll even tell you how much energy your other devices use. 

Ever Energy's new Outdoor Smart Plug

(Image credit: CSA/Eve Energy)

CSA’s product page goes on to state the outdoor plug will be compatible with both the Thread and Matter standards. The former ensures home network connections perform reliably at all times while the latter secures them from outside forces. Matter also makes it easy to integrate your gadgets with smart home ecosystems like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. 

Missing features

That’s pretty much all the info we can gather from the CSA post. The rest of the description talks about how easy it’ll be to set up. At the bottom are some product details as well as a link to the outdoor plug’s compliance document. We checked out the document ourselves, but couldn’t find any extra info. It consists primarily of XML files explaining how it may work on a smart home network.

Tech news site NotebookCheck in their report theorizes Eve’s upcoming plug could behave similarly to the current indoor model. The outdoor plug could have a calendar scheduling tool plus a child lock function. But again, nothing is confirmed at the moment. There’s no information on what other features it’ll have, how big it’ll be, or its weather resistance rating. However, if we had to take a wild guess, it may have a rating of IP65 which means it’ll be completely protected against dust and can survive splashes of water.

A release date could not be found, although considering the fact we may have the final design, the launch could be just around the corner.

If you're looking for other options, check out TechRadar's roundup of the best smart plugs for 2024.

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