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Apple Working on Beats Solo 4 Headphones


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Apple is working on an updated version of its popular Beats Solo on-ear headphones, according to code located in the iOS 17.4 release candidate that Apple put out today. MacRumors contributor Aaron Perris found several references to the Beats Solo 4 headphones, including images.

The Beats Solo 4 look similar to the Solo 3 headphones, but have design tweaks that bring them in line with the Beats Studio Pro. Spatial Audio is supported according to the code, but we don't know what other features to expect at this time.

There are three colors that are seen in the files, including black, pink, and blue. We can expect some of the changes that were brought to the Beats Studio Pro last year, such as improved sound quality and support for Personalized Spatial Audio. The headphones will support the same gestures as the Studio Pro, with a press on the "b" button to play/pause and answer calls, a double press to skip songs, and a long press to activate Siri.

Here are some videos of the new Beats Solo 4 https://t.co/I9MwTDUUaR pic.twitter.com/nx8wdP23At

— Aaron (@aaronp613) February 27, 2024

Apple first released the Solo 3 headphones way back in 2016, and while there have been multiple color updates, nothing else has changed since then. The Solo 4 will be the first major update to the on-ear headphones in many years.
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