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Pokémon Legends Z-A officially announced for 2025 release


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Well, I can’t say that I saw this one coming. Pokémon Legends Z-A has been officially unveiled as the next game in the Pokémon Legends series, and it’s set to release worldwide on Nintendo Switch in 2025.

The news was revealed during the Pokémon Day Pokémon Presents stream today (February 27), and while the announcement of the new Pokémon TCG Pocket mobile app is certainly fantastic for fans of the trading card game, Legends Z-A was easily the most exciting reveal of the lot. 

The cinematic trailer shown during the event teased an “urban redevelopment plan” for the Kalos region’s Paris-inspired Lumiose City, which was introduced in the Generation 6 games, Pokémon X and Y. It also teased that the fan-favorite Mega Evolution mechanic is back. You can take a look below.

Admittedly, we’ve not been given very much information here regarding what Pokémon Legends Z-A will be about. Pokémon Legends Arceus was the first game to use the ‘Legends’ subtitle and took players back in time to a historical version of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum’s Sinnoh region. If Pokémon Legends Z-A does the same thing and takes us back in time, it already has plenty of potential material to work with, as it was previously revealed that a war took place 3,000 years before the 2013 games, Pokémon X and Y.

Right now though, it’s not clear if Pokémon Legends Z-A will also take place in the past at all, so this is pure speculation. Regardless though, it’s thrilling news for fans of the Generation 6 games X and Y, as Kalos is one of the only regions that never received a third version (such as Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum). Therefore, we can be sure that there’s plenty more interesting Kalos lore to uncover when the game launches next year.

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