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Transforming Web Development and Cloud Computing With WebAssembly

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WebAssembly (Wasm) has reshaped how I view web development and serverless computing. This blog shares my experience with Wasm, focusing on two key tools, Spin — a platform for hosting static websites with Wasm — and Fermyon Cloud, a Wasm-powered serverless environment, and discusses their impact on enterprise applications and Kubernetes (K8s) environments. I also outline the current benefits of these technologies and the improvements I hope to see in the future.

Getting Started With Wasm and Spin

My journey with Wasm began in 2021 with WasmDay NA, where I saw a talk from Red Badger and realized that Wasm is going to be a big thing. From there, I started trying to understand the technology and following its development as, at that time, I only knew Wasm for enhancing applications' web browser performance. What really piqued my interest was its potential in serverless computing and application development. The prospect of running applications at near-native speed, regardless of the programming language, was particularly compelling.


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