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Set up Anthos Service Mesh for multiple GKE clusters using Terraform


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Anthos Service Mesh is a managed service mesh for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters. Anthos Service Mesh allows GKE clusters to use a single logical service mesh, so that pods can communicate across clusters securely and services can share a single Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). 

Using Anthos Service Mesh requires GKE clusters and firewall rules. As well, access to the GKE GKE control plane needs to be granted, if private clusters are used. Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) makes bootstrapping Anthos Service Mesh significantly easier. In this blog post, we explain the new features of Anthos Service Mesh, and how to implement it across two private GKE clusters using Terraform. We also provide automation scripts, giving a guided tour for setting up a cloud environment.

For those who want to get started immediately, there is a Git repo with complete source code and README instructions. There are also bonus sections at the end, for mesh traffic security scanning and external databases respectively.

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