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Realize the full value of Kubernetes on AWS with GitOps

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Embracing a DevOps approach can empower development teams to roll out updates and new features. But moving to DevOps not only requires a more modern infrastructure, it also requires a number of cultural changes so that teams can take advantage of a self-service model of development.

Teams can run up against operational challenges when managing cloud native infrastructure and applications that GitOps can help with. A standard workflow for deploying, configuring, monitoring and managing Kubernetes, GitOps allows teams to confidently and securely deploy changes to Kubernetes without being experts in container orchestration.

If you are just moving your workloads on to AWS or maybe you’ve already done it, then you may find these new eBooks helpful in your transition.

GitOps on AWS: Increase the velocity of your DevOps teams

GitOps is a standardized workflow for how to deploy, configure, monitor, update, and manage Kubernetes, its components, and all the applications that run on it. In GitOps, a Git repository contains declarative descriptions of all desired elements in the production environment while an automated process ensures the production environment matches the described state.


In this eBook learn how to:

  • Leverage GitOps to make DevOps teams more autonomous and productive
  • Simplify Kubernetes operations using developer tools
  • Empower developers to deploy with confidence
  • Enhance and extend DevOps benefits with GitOps

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Master Kubernetes security and compliance with GitOps

One of the most common challenges faced by DevOps teams is determining who should be responsible for ensuring governance, risk and compliance (GRC) and security in their environment—the developers or the platform leads. Ultimately, they both share the responsibility, however, they can simplify and coordinate their roles dramatically by using GitOps for deploying to Kubernetes.

GitOps empowers DevOps teams to securely update clusters without losing velocity or violating security controls. Also the GitOps workflow naturally supports the tenants of good GRC and security.


Download this eBook and learn to:

  • Strengthen security for application development and infrastructure deployment
  • Meet business and regulatory compliance with GitOps Policy Manager (built on top of OPA)
  • Implement the top 5 GRC best practices

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