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Can ChatGPT Be Detected by Turnitin

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ChatGPT, the revolutionary AI tool, created by the team of Open AI company, has got massive popularity, especially this year. A powerful tool, trained on millions of data sets can generate answers to almost any query you may ask. This led a lot of people to generate AI content for their professional and educational uses.

As AI content can significantly alter their work without much effort and people often claim it as their “Original” work which is unethical and illegal. Further, for content writers, such content won’t be considered valuable by search engines and hence will de-rank the sites it is available on. So, a lot of companies like Turnitin and Grammarly start working on how to detect this AI content to mitigate this situation.

If you are wondering whether ChatGPT content can be detected by Turnitin, you can read this guide.

Can ChatGPT Be Detected by Turnitin?

Yes, the content generated from the ChatGPT is detected by Turnitin now. Turnitin is a plagiarism checker tool used worldwide, due to its high-level performance, accuracy and precision in finding Plagiarized writings. Due to this capability, researchers, students and teachers are using this tool to make sure that their researched work is original, unique and not copied from anyone else.

With the introduction of AI, initially, it was difficult for Turnitin to differentiate between AI-generated content and original work. But with the latest updates, Turnitin made it possible to detect ChatGPT and other AI-based content with better accuracy than ever before. As they already have a database of researchers from every field, it helped them to train their AI on this extensive data set, making it more powerful than ever. Now researchers, educationists and students have better opportunities to take credit for their original work through citation once again. Turnitin is also working continuously to keep its tools updated to provide value to its users.


How to Use Turnitin for ChatGPT Content Detection?

To use Turnitin for ChatGPT content detection, you have to create an account and purchase the subscription. After that, you only have to upload a file on Turnitin and it will generate the AI detection percentage for your document within a few seconds.



Using ChatGPT for researching can be a great tool but often being misused by a lot of people. As of now, Turnitin can detect ChatGPT content, making it difficult for those people to claim that AI content is their original work. Turnitin is continuously fine-tuning and adjusting its latest algorithms to offer value to its users and detect these AI content with more accuracy and precision.

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