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New training for c-suite builds awareness of cloud, generative AI capabilities

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The cloud powers today’s most impactful business and customer experiences, and c-suite leaders increasingly want to understand what it can deliver for their organization. Regardless of your organization’s adoption of cloud technologies, executives who understand the capabilities of cloud and its impact on operations across the organization are better equipped to set the vision for their organization’s digital transformation. If you’re a c-suite, president, VP, or even a director in a non-IT role, now’s the time to build your knowledge of the capabilities of cloud, including emerging technologies like generative AI. Having a clear understanding of the “what” and “why” can be game-changing.

AWS Training and Certification and AWS Enterprise Strategists have developed a new collection of digital training to provide a high-level picture of the benefits of cloud computing. Intended for individuals in business or technology leadership roles, these short, snackable trainings featuring AWS Enterprise Strategists Jake Burns, Chris Hennessy, and Clarke Rodgers who each formerly served in a senior leadership role directing technology or financial strategy prior to AWS.

With a digital training aligned to each c-level role in the organization – CEO, CIO, CTO, etc. – you’ll explore the cloud’s capabilities and business benefits for innovation and competitive advantage with guidance specific to the role you play in the organization’s use of cloud. Also included in the collection are courses focused on topics all leaders will want to better understand: Digital Transformation and Generative AI.

Role-specific cloud training for c-suite executives

Cloud for CEOs (9-minutes) gives chief executive officers/presidents a high-level picture of cloud computing technology. They will learn what cloud is, why they should consider cloud, and how to get started on the cloud adoption journey. Also available on YouTube (modules 1, 2, 3, 4).

Cloud for CFOs (13-minutes) gives chief financial officers a high-level picture of cloud computing, key considerations to know before moving their organization to the cloud, their role during a cloud transformation, challenges they may experience, and how to engage with CIOs in a cloud migration. Also available YouTube.

Cloud for CIOs (9-minutes) gives chief information officers, vice presidents, and directors of IT a high-level picture of cloud computing, reasons to consider moving to the cloud and how to be successful, and steps to get started. Also available on YouTube.

Cloud for CTOs (10-minutes) gives chief technology officers a high-level picture of cloud computing technology, how it can help their organization adapt to customer needs, and deliver enhanced user experiences through scalable, cost-effective, and accessible technology solutions. The course also covers Agile development, DevOps strategy, AI, and ML. Also available on YouTube.

Cloud for CISOs (11-minutes) gives chief information security officers and other managers/directors of security a high-level picture of cloud computing technology from a security perspective. They’ll explore why they should consider the cloud and how to build a culture of security and compliance program on AWS. They also explore ransomware mitigation. Also available on YouTube.

Cloud for CMOs (8-minutes) gives chief marketing officers a high-level picture of cloud computing technology, and they’ll explore why they should consider the cloud from a marketing perspective. They review how to gain customer insights and increase marketing return on investment (ROI) with the cloud and how to get started with digital transformation. Also available on YouTube.

Topical digital training for all leaders

Digital Transformation for Executives (7-minutes) is for executive leaders who create and execute business strategies to learn what digital transformation is, why it’s important, and how to implement transformation. Also available on YouTube.

Generative AI for Executives (13-minutes) gives executives a high-level picture of Generative AI. You’ll explore what Generative AI is and why it can address your business challenges, drive growth, and how Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize industries. Also available on YouTube.

Keep building your cloud knowledge with additional resources

Leaders at customer and AWS Partner organizations of all sizes can deepen their knowledge of cloud and its capabilities through longer-form training offerings. For decision makers across all types of organizations, the Decision Maker Learning Plan helps you build knowledge of the AWS Cloud, including AWS Cloud concepts, services, pricing, and support. You’ll gain foundational understanding across various AWS Cloud service areas including machine learning, security, and more.

Exclusive to executives at AWS Partner organizations, we offer a four-hour classroom course, AWS Partner: Building your Business with AWS for Executives, to help you explore how to integrate value-added services for AWS customers into your business model. You’ll learn how to increase your profitability by delivering a cloud-based portfolio.

We will keep adding more courses in the coming months, updating this blog as we do, so stay tuned.

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