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Can I Appeal for a Friend in Roblox

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Roblox is an online gaming store to play amazing games with friends and other communities in a single room. Regarding the security of Roblox, it has very strong moderation policies which can automatically ban someone’s account if not fulfilled. Still, a query is asked, “Can I Appeal for a Friend in Roblox?” which is exactly what we will cover in this guide.

Can I Appeal for a Friend in Roblox?

As per the Roblox instructions, no one is allowed to appeal for their friend’s account. Of course, you are helping your friend, but Roblox only deals with the account’s owner to review the moderation status. If you want to help your friend, instruct him/her to contact Roblox support for an appeal request.

Moderation Policies for Appealing Roblox Account

The account’s owner can appeal for the account with their exact username and email address. For contacting the Roblox team, fill out the Roblox support form with a proper explanation of why the account’s particular account is banned and submit it. Please ensure that the appeal should be submitted within 30 days, otherwise, the account will be unrecoverable. Additionally, duplicate appeals for the same moderation will not be reviewed.


Once you submitted the report, the Roblox team will respond to you in 2 to 3 days and


No, only the account’s owner can appeal to Roblox to reconsider the decision, as per Roblox policies. Go to Roblox customer support, fill out the form with the exact username and email, and request an appeal for the account. Ensure you request an account appeal within 30 days after the account is banned. Furthermore, duplicate appeals for the same account will not be reviewed.

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