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Ubuntu Pro is now available on Arm VMs on Google Cloud


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We are happy to announce that Ubuntu Pro is now available on Arm series Virtual Machines on Google Cloud. You can now launch or upgrade Ubuntu Arm instances to Ubuntu Pro on Google Compute Engine.

Arm series Virtual Machines on Google Cloud

Renowned for their exceptional performance per watt efficiency, Arm-based chips have become ubiquitous in mobile devices and have demonstrated their capabilities for supercomputing workloads. Google Cloud introduces the Tau T2A machine series as the inaugural Arm-based series available on Compute Engine. With Ampere Altra’s single-threaded CPU, it serves as an outstanding platform for general-purpose compute workloads. When you find yourself in the following scenarios, consider utilizing the Tau T2A general-purpose Arm VMs:

  • Running compute-intensive workloads that require rapid scalability on-demand.
  • Optimizing for cost-effective performance on Arm-compatible workloads.
  • Leveraging modern, open-source software stacks.
  • Developing and testing mobile or embedded systems that utilize an Arm CPU.
  • Evaluating the suitability of an Arm CPU for your specific workload.

Ubuntu Pro is the ideal choice for open source security

Ubuntu Pro is the ideal choice when it comes to open source security. It offers a comprehensive range of security features directly from the publisher of Ubuntu. Key features of Ubuntu Pro include:

  • Non-stop security for CVEs: Ubuntu Pro ensures coverage for critical, high, and selected medium Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). Critical fixes are applied in under 24 hours on average.
  • Zero-Day Vulnerabilities covered: Ubuntu Pro addresses many zero-day vulnerabilities under embargo and ensures critical CVEs are patched in less than 24 hours on average.
  • Secure packages: Ubuntu Pro extends its coverage to secure over 23,000 additional open-source packages, including the Ubuntu Universe repository, making it more comprehensive.
  • Compliance with FedRAMP and HIPAA: Ubuntu Pro is compliant with FedRAMP and HIPAA standards, making it suitable for powering mission-critical workloads. It utilizes FIPS 140-2 certified crypto modules.
  • Extended Security Maintenance: Ubuntu Pro offers 10 years of Expanded Security Maintenance, ensuring API stability through backported patches for all Ubuntu debs on every Ubuntu LTS release.
  • Certified hardening: Ubuntu Pro provides certified hardening through the Ubuntu Security Guide (USG). It enables the implementation of CIS Server and Workstation Level 1 and 2 scripts, certified audit tooling, and DISA-STIG profiles.

With its robust security features and certifications, Ubuntu Pro is designed to meet the stringent security requirements of open source software. It is a reliable choice for organizations seeking a secure and stable operating system.

How to launch an Arm VM with Ubuntu Pro on Google Cloud

On Google Cloud Console, under Compute Engine, Create Instance:


In Machine configuration, select T2A Ampere Altra Arm machine:


In Boot disk, select an Arm-compatible Ubuntu Pro image:


Then click Create.

That’s it. Enjoy your Arm developing works!

Learn more about Pro on Google Cloud

Ubuntu pro: https://ubuntu.com/pro

Ubuntu on Google Cloud at:  https://ubuntu.com/gcp/pro

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