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Keeping the Cloud Green with the kube-green Operator on OpenShift

Red Hat

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Sustainability in Cloud Technology

Out of the world's population of seven billion people, around 4.66 billion individuals are active Internet users. However, it's important to recognize that everything we do online, from sending emails and playing games to storing data, requires energy and contributes to energy consumption (Matta, 2021). Shockingly, technology accounts for a staggering 1.6 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions (Griffiths, 2020).

Consider this: In just one year, the energy consumed by a single email inbox is enough to power 40 light bulbs for an hour (thanks in advance). Furthermore, the collective usage of emails worldwide is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions of 7 million cars (Matta, 2021). As the demand for technology increases, data centers have seen their energy usage rise by 10-30% annually, contributing to approximately 1.5% of global energy consumption (IEA, 2021).

To say that technology plays a crucial role in driving more sustainable initiatives is an understatement.


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