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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Salary in 2023

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AWS, or Amazon Web Services, stands at the forefront of the IT and cloud revolution in the industry. Till 2022, as per HG Insights data report, over 1.45 million businesses are buying services from AWS. To ensure exceptional results from cloud infrastructure, these businesses are increasingly hiring AWS professionals for numerous domains. However, salary and career scope rely on various factors: job location, experience, skills, etc. 

This blog explicitly covers the nuances of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect profile. It will take a deep dive into aspects like AWS solutions architect salary, who an AWS solution architect is, what they do, certifications to upskill as an AWS certified solutions architect, and more. Time to dig in.  

Who is an AWS Solutions Architect?

AWS solutions architects are in charge of the overall vision of AWS solutions. They work closely with development teams to ensure that the technical choices made by developers result in systems that match the business goals and objectives. 

Apart from this, an AWS solutions architect should possess the technical expertise required to supervise the design and implementation of applications on AWS platforms. It encompasses:

  • Planning for the adoption of cloud services
  • Managing and monitoring cloud platforms
  • Designing and building applications on the cloud
  • Software development proficiency in Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript, including BASH scripting
  • Understanding data security and compliance laws
  • Networking knowledge
  • Linux OS skills, including executing Unix commands and performing containerization with Docker
  • Familiarity with tools used in the AWS environment, such as Ansible, Chef, Docker, Jenkins, and other tools essential for application development and deployment
  • Proficiency in complex project management, utilizing tools like Jira

What does an AWS Certified Solutions Architect do? 

As an AWS Solution Architect, you will combine technical and enterprise architecture by leveraging the power of cloud solutions and technology. To better understand what Solution Architects do, let’s break it down into two parts. First, we will explore the roles and responsibilities of solution architects and then delve into the fundamental processes they prioritize.

Roles and Responsibilities

You will assess the system and propose a solid architectural solution that aligns with the business objectives. They must deeply understand the customer’s needs and actively contribute to the design and planning of the solution infrastructure.

An AWS-certified Solution Architect collaborates closely with the technical and development team to ensure a seamless transition to the architectural solution. They serve as the bridge between these teams, facilitating effective communication and coordination.

You will also be responsible for effectively conveying the requirements to the development team. They also play a vital role in presenting the solution to the customer, addressing any concerns or uncertainties they may have.

Furthermore, you will oversee monitoring systems and configuration management, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Fundamental Processes


Meeting the needs of stakeholders 

Every project involves multiple stakeholders, and as a Solution Architect, you will be responsible for ensuring that all their requirements are thoroughly considered. You will also inform stakeholders about the product’s processes, costs, and development stages.

Adapting the solution to the existing environment

 You must deeply understand the business infrastructure, processes, application architecture, work model, and operating systems. This knowledge enables you to design a solution that seamlessly integrates with the existing business constraints.

Navigating project constraints 

Projects have various constraints, including technologies, resources, risks, time, cost, scope, quality, and security. You will closely monitor these constraints and make informed managerial decisions based on them.

Selecting the right technological solution 

A Solution Architect’s most critical task is choosing the appropriate technology solution that aligns with the business needs. As AWS Solution Architects, you thoroughly compare, assess, and evaluate different technologies.

Addressing non-functional requirements 

You must also pay attention to non-functional requirements like performance, reliability, security, accessibility, maintainability, availability, scalability, and usability. Considering these aspects, the Solution Architect ensures that the processes effectively meet the business requirements.

Factors affecting AWS Solutions Architect salary 

Several factors can influence your salary as an AWS Solution Architect. Let’s take a closer look at these constraints.

Qualities and Skills 

The salary figures mentioned here are not set in stone. Your skills and expertise play a significant role. Being able to demonstrate your knowledge and contribute to organizational success is crucial. It’s essential to continuously upgrade your skills and enhance your capabilities to stay competitive.

Organization and Employer

The type of employer and organization you work for can also impact your salary. Well-established industry leaders and high-capacity companies often offer more lucrative packages. On the other hand, newly established startups may offer more modest compensation packages.

Job Location 

Salaries can vary depending on the geographical location. This discrepancy may be due to the economic condition of a country or the demand for specific jobs in certain areas.

Working Experience

Experience in the cloud field also plays a significant role. Professionals with more experience and expertise tend to receive higher salaries than those without experience. It’s essential to continuously improve your skills and expand your knowledge to reach new heights in your career.

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AWS Solutions Architect Salary in 2023

AWS is widely recognized as a crucial tool in the industry. Consequently, the demand for AWS professionals is skyrocketing, offering abundant opportunities. AWS Solutions Architects command an average salary of approximately $143,000.

The average starting salary for newcomers to the field is around $122,484. However, as you gain experience, your earning potential can increase significantly, reaching up to $180,000 annually or even more. It’s important to note that salaries can vary depending on your location and the company you work for. Nevertheless, rest assured that the AWS field promises substantial remuneration now and in the future.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the AWS solution architect in 2023 based on various aspects.

AWS Solution Architect Salary: Based on Role

Entry-Level Salary

Becoming an AWS Solutions Architect can offer a great return on investment regarding earnings. The average annual salary for entry-level professionals with less than two years of experience in this role is $78,000 to $90,000. The lowest recorded salary in this category is $78,000, while the highest reaches $164,000.

Senior-Level Salary

A seasoned AWS-certified Solutions Architect with 14 years of experience can expect to earn an average salary of $139,430. The lowest recorded salary for this level of expertise is $103,000, while the highest reaches an impressive $175,000. These figures, sourced from Payscale, showcase the earning potential for highly experienced professionals in the field.

AWS Solution Architect Salary: Based on the Company 


Facebook, known worldwide as one of the leading social media platforms, provides its employees with an attractive package of $158,000 annually. To handle its vast amount of data, Facebook relies on the robust infrastructure and services AWS offers. 


Google, a renowned multinational corporation focusing on internet-related services and products, has an illustrious history spanning over two decades. Over the years, Google has become one of the world’s largest and most influential companies. As of 2022, Google offers an enticing salary of $159,033 for professionals working as AWS Solutions Architects. 


Apple, a renowned multinational corporation known for its cutting-edge consumer electronics, computer software, and online services, is a prominent player. In addition to its innovative products, Apple prioritizes its employees’ financial well-being by offering an average salary of $154,000 annually. This attractive compensation package, as reported by Levels. FYI.

AWS Solution Architect Salary: Based on Your Skills

The income of an AWS Solutions Architect depends on various critical areas of expertise, which include:

Cloud Computing Courses – Proficiency in AWS Architecture and Implementation

Networking Technologies – This includes TCP/IP, DNS, and DHCP, as well as WAN technologies like MPLS and VPLS.

Security Concepts – Knowledge of Access Control Lists (ACL), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). 

Software Development Processes – Extreme Programming and Agile Software Development 

With the proper skill set, various roles in the tech industry offer impressive earning potential. As a Software Engineer, you can make around $110,610 per year, while a Senior Technical Architect can earn an average of $132,762 annually. DevOps Engineers earn an average of $99,604, System Architects make around $138,515, and IT Consultants can expect to earn between $125,000 and $150,000 annually. 

AWS Solution Architect Salary: Based on Geographical Regions

aws-solution-architect-salary-indiaImage Source : www.glassdoor.com


The starting salary for this role in India is INR 7,23,000 annually, and experienced professionals can earn as much as INR 30,00,000 annually. On average, an AWS Solutions Architect in India can expect to earn around INR 20,21,134 per year. 

aws-solution-architect-salary-ukImage Source : www.glassdoor.com


The average annual salary for certified AWS Certified Solutions Architects in the UK is £60,507. While the lowest recorded salary in this role stands at £38,507 per year, the highest reaches an impressive £90,000 per year. 

aws-solution-architect-salary-usImage Source : www.glassdoor.com


AWS Solutions Architects enjoy attractive salaries in the United States, with an average annual income of $114,350. Professionals in this field typically have a salary range from $94,000 to $148,000 annually.

aws-solution-architect-salary-uaeImage Source : www.glassdoor.com


In the UAE, these professionals can earn substantial salaries, up to AED 322,747 annually. While the lowest recorded salary in this field starts at AED 155,000 annually, the highest can go as high as AED 542,000 annually. 

aws-solution-architect-salary-canadaImage Source : www.glassdoor.com


AWS Solutions Architecture in Canada can expect a competitive salary, with an average annual income of C$107,142. The salary range for this role starts at C$72,000 per year, providing a solid foundation for entry-level positions, while the highest-paying jobs can reach up to an impressive C$140,000 per year.

aws-solutions-architect-salary-singaporeImage Source : www.glassdoor.com


The lowest recorded salary in this field starts at S$12,000 per year, while the highest-paying positions can command an impressive S$169,000 per year.

aws-solutions-architect-salary-germanyImage Source : www.glassdoor.com


Germany, with a population exceeding 82 million, offers a vibrant market for AWS Solutions Architects. Professionals in this role can expect an average base salary of €67,000 annually. 

salary-philippines-awsImage Source : www.glassdoor.com


The Philippines, renowned as the third largest English-speaking country globally, follows the United States and India. AWS Solutions Architects can expect to earn an average salary of ₱895,000 annually in this thriving nation. 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification

If you are looking for a way to upskill as an AWS solution architect, stand out from your peers, and draw recruiters’ attention, then getting certification is the best way. First, pass the associate level cert and then the professional one. 

AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate Level

This certification, also called SAA – C03 is designed for individuals with prior experience with AWS cloud technology. It equips individuals with the skills to design, build, administer, and implement AWS systems and applications. The Associate level certification enhances one’s knowledge of application development and provides practical exposure to networking, database management, and storage. 

AWS Certified Solution Architect – Professional Level

For the Professional level certification, you need to have already achieved the Associate level certification. This cert is for those who have worked as Solution Architects for over two years and have substantial experience operating AWS systems. 

Moreover, this cert teaches you how to build highly scalable, reliable, and error-free applications. You will be able to select the most appropriate AWS services based on specific requirements. You will also learn how to plan and implement cost-effective strategies effectively. You will acquire the skills to successfully migrate complex applications to AWS, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

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Hope this blog helps you dive deeper into the outlook for AWS-certified solution architect salary in 2023. We have also covered who is an AWS solution architect, their roles and responsibilities, what factors affect their pay, and how certifications will help you elevate your career as an AWS solution architect and make recruiters happy. 

Speaking of certifications, you must ensure you have all the updated and authentic resources to prepare for the cert exams. Whizlabs brings you study materials and video lectures especially designed by industry experts. You will also get lifetime access to the resources and round-the-clock assistance. And for brushing up on practical skills, you will have an AWS sandbox to play around and experiment in a demo AWS environment and over a wide range of hands-on labs to gain an in-depth understanding of AWS infrastructure nuances. 

Reach out to us today to learn more.

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