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Cybrary: Closing the cybersecurity skills gap with affordable tools and training

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We face a concerning shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Worldwide, an estimated 3.4 million more cybersecurity experts are needed, with more than 700,000 required in the U.S. alone. The skills gap is even more alarming given the more than 41% increase in the number of cybercrime victims between 2021 and 2022. 

Cybrary is working to address these challenges. Founded in 2015, the EdTech company provides specialized, online, cybersecurity skills development and has enabled more than 3 million learners, ranging from individuals to small businesses and Fortune 1000 organizations, to defend against today’s threats.

Cybrary shares Google Cloud’s belief that a properly-resourced cybersecurity team can detect, investigate, and help stop cyber threats that target businesses and users before attacks cause damage or loss. For instance, the ability to follow national and international privacy and security standards earns trust with customers and partners who expect their data to be protected at every moment. 

Teaming up to expand access to security training and tools 

Cybrary and Google believe that every organization deserves access to the tools and skills that can help secure and protect their data. Our partnership expands the availability of cutting-edge cybersecurity training to more learners..

Cybrary’s Teams plan offers full access to the platform and all of its skills development content, including courses, hands-on labs, assessments, and an admin dashboard where managers can create custom learning paths to and track their team’s progress. The plan is accessible to existing Google Cloud customers who can use Google Cloud credits to purchase licenses for their teams. Participants can use their Google Cloud account to access the platform, simplifying the billing and provisioning elements for Cybrary users.  

Individualizing security training at scale 

Delivery at scale enables Cybrary to offer plans at competitive rates. As many students or working professionals lack the time or resources to complete longer-term degrees or bootcamps, Cybrary offers on-demand and affordable skills development content to upskill. The company puts learners into simulated environments and measures their interactions to ensure they’re developing hands-on skills, build confidence and support flexible continuous learning opportunities. 

Google Cloud and Cybrary possess decades of combined experience in security, and this partnership aims to help more people get access to affordable and high-quality security training required to protect businesses from increasingly complex threats, now and in the future.

Learner and operational analytics powered by Google Cloud

Cybrary makes extensive use of Google Cloud services for networking, databases, and storage to support the agility and performance its business requires. By running on Google Cloud, the company can respond quickly to spikes in demand and avoid latency issues that could impact the quality of services that customers enjoy.

Given the nature of Cybrary’s work and its objectives to scale further, it needed a solution for its internal analytics needs. The company recognizes that access to the training platform is critical, and partnered with Google Cloud to ensure scalability and reliability that can support the number of learners needed to meet this education challenge.”

In addition, Cybrary usesLooker for business intelligence, data applications, and embedded analytics. By exploring, sharing, and visualizing its data, Cybrary can make better, faster business decisions. The company has also tapped into services from other third-party tech partners on Google Cloud Marketplace.

This combines to position Cybrary for success in providing an ever-growing number of learners with security training offerings. 

Visit the Cybrary Partner Profile on the Google Cloud Marketplace to connect with their team and learn how they can help your organization close skills gaps and succeed against evolving threats.

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