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Developer hiring has changed during 2020

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A recent survey conducted by HackerEarth revealed that the pandemic has positively affected developers hiring.


Indeed, with the abandonment of outdated practices, no more travel needed, the prioritization of developer skills, and the adoption of tech making hiring a better experience for candidates and managers, tech hiring has massively changed.


The report stated that since the outbreak of the pandemic, 42% of organizations have started using developer assessment tools, meaning that developers have more chances of having online coding assessment tools during the hiring process.


Assessment tools can provide unbiased opinions of a developer’s skill, thus recruiters are more likely to use them. Companies that don’t use them usually look for experience and skills in their hiring decisions.


Moreover, recruiters are now using more video interviews as well as collaborative coding tools, allowing candidates and interviewers to work together in real-time. Recruiters will also focus on developers’ soft skills.


The report predicted that companies will be looking for developers skilled in AI and machine learning as well as DevOps, data science, and back end. The hiring process should become more and more automated in order to eliminate any subconscious biases.


Developers looking for a job will also look at health insurance, flexible work hours, and company-sponsored training. They also stated that the best way to upskill is through coding platforms and boot camps.


The report revealed that the hiring process has never been easier due to the pandemic and that it will continue to change throughout 2021.


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