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AWS to launch free cloud-computing programs

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced that it will be investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the training of the future workforce in cloud-computing skills. This will be available for millions of people around the world by 2025.


Indeed, AWS will offer free self-paced online courses in more than 200 countries focused on improving peoples’ technical skills and upskilling. There will be over 500 courses available including interactive labs and daylong training sessions.


AWS will also partner with WEF in order to expand the courses and programs. The pandemic reinforced the deficiencies in tech, showing that too many people lacked the skills they would need in the near future.


Hence, this new program is set to feature online courses that will train people in specific job-based skills. AWS feels like it is its duty to provide the necessary platforms to give everyone the opportunity to learn and acquire the skills they will be needed in the future.


These courses will focus on cloud-computing skills and they will be available in many languages. Two resources can be used: Training and Certification (for cloud fluency) and AWS Educate (for educators and students).


Moreover, AWS is also trying to expand the existing ASE re/Start program, a classroom-based program aimed at the unemployed and underemployed to give open more opportunities for them. At the moment, it is available in 25 cities in 12 countries, but AWS hoped it will grow even more in 2021.


AWS is aiming to add a two-day ‘AWS Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Certificate’ program, which would teach students to install and repair fiber optics and give them the chance to participate in a career networking session.


Similarly, Amazon is also working on continuing its free accelerated Machine Learning University (MLU), which is an upskilling program for Amazon employees, helping non-tech Amazon employees to move into software engineering careers.

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