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ESG quantifies benefits of moving Microsoft workloads to Google Cloud

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Customers tell us there are many benefits and opportunities to reduce costs that can be unlocked from migrating and modernizing Microsoft and Windows Server-based workloads to Google Cloud. We recently worked with the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to run an economic validation study across Google Cloud customers who have migrated or modernized their Microsoft and Windows Server-based workloads to the cloud. What they found quantifies and reinforces what we are hearing from customers. 

According to the ESG study, customers that move Windows workloads to Google Cloud can see the following benefits:

  • Significantly reduced licensing and hardware costs—from 32% to to 88% depending on workload

  • Improved agility and a better customer experience, for example, 65% improved load times

  • Reduced risk and an improved security posture

  • The ability to leverage managed services for license usage and manageability efficiency

Google Cloud Sole Tenant.jpg
Google Cloud Sole Tenant up to a 32% TCO savings on a three-year modeled cost of operating 520 Windows Server 2016 workloads (with BYOL)

Google Cloud offers a first-class experience for Microsoft workloads like SQL Server and any Windows Server-based applications, all backed by enterprise grade support. Moving Windows workloads to Google Cloud lets you increase IT agility and reduce your on-prem footprint. We simplify the proof-of-concept and technological validation process to reduce risk during the migration. Google Cloud can also help optimize your license expense and exposure by increasing the license usage efficiency on the underlying infrastructure through innovative features like custom VM shapes and sole tenant nodes. Managed services for SQL Server and Active Directory, robust Windows container support, and an opinionated modernization path off of the Microsoft stack to open source, provide the tools you need to achieve your strategic IT goals.

google cloud for microsoft server and workloads.jpg

We are pleased this report further validates and complements the value that customers realize from choosing Google Cloud for their Windows Server and Microsoft workloads. Register to download this report to get all the details.

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