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Report found that software developers’ productivity increased during lockdown

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A report by GitHub revealed that the pandemic allowed software developers to create 35% more code repositories over the past year than the previous one. They also developed 40% more open-source projects as well as increased by 25% their contributions to open-source projects.


Moreover, it was found out pull request merge times, meaning the interval between a submitted code improvement and its incorporation into the project, was reduced by 7.5 hours. This shows that when developers have more work flexibility, they work longer hours and are more productive.


Following these findings, companies have started to rethink office-bound work policies.


However, there are concerns about the fact that work could take the place of personal time and rest breaks, thus, making it not a sustainable solution. The report indeed showed that there are over 56m developers building projects and it is expected to have 100m by 2025.


It was reported that JavaScript still remains the most popular programming language used and TypeScript made the most significant gains over the past year.


The report also stated that software vulnerabilities can go undetected for more than four years. Once it is known that security has been compromised, it takes about 4.4 weeks before it is fixed. Therefore, this represents an opportunity to improve vulnerability detection and response.

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