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Google Cloud and Qlik: Bringing BigQuery analytics to your SAP data

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If your organization is one of the 52% of SAP customers whose top analytics pain point is data integration1, Google Cloud has got you covered. By working with partners like Qlik, we are expanding our integration options and bringing real-time replication capability for SAP to BigQuery.

Integrated data for accelerated insights

BigQuery—our fully managed, enterprise data warehouse that can scale up to petabytes on demand and execute queries in seconds—allows SAP customers to consolidate enterprise data silos and confidently derive more use and value from their data.  Customers can accelerate and simplify the delivery of SAP data on BigQuery with the latest Qlik Data Integration platform offering for Google Cloud which allows data integration using an automated, near real-time data pipeline through Qlik Replicate, whether data originates from legacy SAP environments, SAP HANA, or SAP application servers. Additionally, Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses can be used to easily generate and automate logical data models from SAP directly in BigQuery freeing up more time for data analysts to leverage advanced built-in capabilities such as BigQuery ML to derive greater value and insights using standard SQL without the need for advanced programming expertise.

Delivering faster results with real-time 

Traditional extract-transform-load (ETL) solutions operate on a batch basis, pulling data sets from SAP daily, hourly, or every minute. These tools often require manual mapping of multiple data fields so that data flows accurately. Given SAP’s highly complex table relationships, in which a single transaction can result in multiple changes, this can be a time consuming and tedious process. ETL can also increase the burden on your SAP systems.

Qlik Replicate simplifies this with its intuitive user interface where you can set up real-time data replication between SAP and BigQuery, eliminating the need for manual coding. And, to prevent system overhead, as soon as a new transaction is entered into SAP, the resulting data is replicated into BigQuery in a process known as change data capture (CDC) from SAP’s log layer. This means that data transfer can benefit from high performance with minimal impact on the source system’s resources. Read our latest white paper to learn how to extract SAP data into BigQuery leveraging Qlik Replicate. 

Solution expertise for all core SAP workloads

It doesn’t matter what database your SAP system runs on, Qlik Replicate supports all core SAP systems. It automates real-time data replication and decodes SAP's complex, application-specific data structures into formats that flow smoothly into BigQuery. This ensures that anyone who depends on data analytics has the most current and relevant SAP data they need. For its robust solution capabilities Qlik has received a new “SAP on Google Cloud Expertise” designation for supporting:

  • Fast onboarding and accelerated replication of SAP data into Google Cloud

  • Real-time and continuous data replication from SAP applications to BigQuery

  • Support for all core SAP modules and a broad set of data sources

  • Automated data integration, which cuts resource requirements for initial delivery and ongoing maintenance

Proven customer results

Many SAP customers have experienced the benefits of leveraging Qlik alongside BigQuery for data analytics and AI at scale, including German luxury department store chain Breuninger. In order to meet its customers’ growing and changing expectations,Breuninger needed to accelerate its time to insight from data sources across a highly dispersed landscape of on-premises databases and systems, including SAP. The company uses Qlik Replicate to feed corporate data from modules in its SAP system into BigQuery and integrate its varying on-premises databases with the Google Cloud environment. This has yielded game-changing, real-time customer insights for the retailer.

What could your business do with faster, more integrated insights? Learn more about BigQuery for SAP customers and also how Qlik and Google Cloud can help you modernize and automate data integration and analytics.

1. SAPInsider research, May 2020 Analytics Survey

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