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Dataform is joining Google Cloud: Deploy data transformations with SQL in BigQuery

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The value of data—and the insights it contains—only continues to grow, and Google has invested in technologies to empower teams to do more with that data for more than a decade. We were honored to be named a leader in Gartner’s first-ever Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems (DBMS), and BigQuery, our cloud data warehouse, continues to be a place where an increasing number of enterprises across every industry turn to make sense of all this growing data. 

Today, we’re making this work even easier for our customers with our acquisition of Dataform. Dataform leverages BigQuery’s innovative architecture, allowing for practically unlimited scale, to enable analysts and engineers to manage all their data processes within BigQuery. This combination means you can leverage software development best practices to define, document, test and deploy data transformations using SQL executed within BigQuery. There’s no need to learn new programming languages or deploy and manage entirely new applications in your data stack. You can now create and manage your data transformations all within your comfortable, secure and reliable data warehouse.

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Dataform brings a software engineering approach to data modeling and pipelines making data transformations more accessible and reliable:

  1. Collaborate and create data pipelines—Develop data workflows in SQL and collaborate with others via Git. Include data documentation that is automatically visible to others.

  2. Deploy data pipelines—Keep logical data up-to-date by scheduling data workflows which incrementally update downstream datasets, reducing cost and latency.

  3. Ensure data quality—Define data quality checks in SQL and automatically receive alerts when those checks fail. View logs, version history and dependency graphs to understand changes in data.

We’re excited to welcome Dataform to Google Cloud as we continue to deliver on our mission to democratize insights across organizations. Today, we are making Dataform free to all users and moving forward we are looking forward to bringing the best of Dataform and BigQuery together. You can learn more by visiting dataform.co.

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