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New Launch: Building a Data Lake on AWS Training Course

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Recently, we have been receiving many queries for a training course for building a data lake on AWS. Today, we announce the launch of our new online course to learn about building data lakes on AWS. With data lake solutions on AWS, one can gain the benefits of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for ensuring durable, secure, scalable, and cost-effective storage.

Data lakes empower organizations for efficient storage of its structured and unstructured data in a single, centralized repository. Many enterprise customers want a data storage and analytics solution with better agility and flexibility than conventional data management apparatus. The AWS cloud helps in providing different building blocks needed for customers to ensure the implementation of data lakes with better security, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.

Enroll Now: Building a Data Lake on AWS Course

So, our new Building a Data Lake on AWS online course would help you gain the skills and experience for building data lake solutions with AWS. The following discussion aims to outline the importance of learning how to build data lakes on AWS. However, the prime highlight of this discussion would point towards the details of our new online course to learn about building data lakes on AWS and how it can help aspiring learners.

What are Data Lakes?

Prior to learning about building a data lake on AWS, it is essential to know the definition of data lakes. A data lake is basically a centralized repository that enables the storage of all unstructured and structured data at the desired scale. Data lakes enable storage without the need for structuring data and also provide the facility of running different types of analytics.

Data lakes can also support analytics, such as real-time analytics, dashboards, visualizations, machine learning, and big data processing. You can assume data lakes as a massive repository of data similar to a real lake or river. Just like different tributaries join a river or lake, data lakes also have many incoming flows of data from different sources.

Now, it is inevitable to wonder how Building a Data Lake on AWS online training would be a good career move. The answer to such doubts is visible through a reflection on the necessity of a data lake. If you know about the business value data lakes deliver, then you can find out the career promises they can offer you.

Significance of Data Lakes

The foremost factor of competitive advantage for modern enterprises is the successful development of business value from data. According to an Aberdeen survey, organizations that implement data lake solutions have 9% better chances of organic revenue growth. For example, building a data lake on AWS provides the functionality of conducting different types of analytics.

Now, business leaders could use machine learning analytics for new sources such as social media, log files, internet-connected devices stored in the data lake, and data from click-streams. As a result, enterprises could leverage data lakes for identifying and taking actions on particular opportunities.

Subsequently, enterprises could gain the benefits of faster business growth through attracting and retaining customers. Furthermore, data lakes also contribute to the proactive maintenance of devices, improvement in productivity, and the ability to make informed decisions.

Whizlabs Building a Data Lake on AWS Online Training Course

Since you know now that data lakes are a crucial technological requirement for modern enterprises, you can understand the necessity of learning about data lakes. With our new online course for building a data lake on AWS, you can learn the different skills for using AWS services to create highly available and efficient data lake solutions.

Most important of all, you can gain detailed insights into the benefits of data lakes such as cost-effective storage. Here are some of the notable features that you can highlight in our new training course for building data lakes.

  • 5 hours of training videos with detailed coverage of all topics related to AWS Data Lake Formation training
  • Total of 40 lectures curated by industry experts and qualified instructors
  • Assurance of premium support by subject matter experts
  • Unlimited access to the training course
  • 100% unconditional moneyback guarantee

Among the many features in our building a data lake on AWS training course, its content always stands out. Here is an outline of the chapters covered in the new Whizlabs course on building data lakes on AWS.

  • Introduction to data lakes
  • Data lake building tools and components
  • Data ingestion
  • Change data capture
  • Data processing
  • Data security and data lake security
  • Content delivery
  • Logs, audit, and governance
  • Final challenge

With the comprehensive focus on important subtopics in each chapter, our new online course could strengthen your practical skills. However, it is inevitable to wonder about what else our new online course has to offer.

How Can Whizlabs Building a Data Lake on AWS Online Course Help You?

Here are some of the notable ways in which our new online course can help you learn building a data lake on AWS.

The first thing that you would note in the new Whizlabs course is the flexible duration of individual training videos. The training videos for different subtopics in each chapter reach a maximum duration of 10 minutes on an average. Therefore, students could directly learn meaningful concepts without having to beat around the bush. Simpler, and ‘to the point’ learning makes our course a reliable alternative to learn building a data lake on AWS.

The next important reason to choose our new online course to learn about building data lakes on AWS is cost. Learners could invest their money in the new course with the assurance of a 100% unconditional moneyback guarantee.

Want to know more about Building a Data Lake on AWS training course? Write into Whizlabs Forum and get answers to your questions by our experts.

Are You Ready to Learn to Build Data Lakes on AWS?

Finally, you can notice that our new online course is a great instrument to learn about building data lakes. Data lake solutions are the immediate need of almost every enterprise in the present times. In addition, the increasing focus on data analytics also creates prominent buzz around data lakes owing to their storage capabilities.

With AWS being the choice of the cloud provider for many enterprises, skills for building a data lake on AWS can be highly beneficial for learners. Apart from training in different concepts with our online course, learners should also choose hands-on labs for honing their skills. Over the long term, data lakes would become a central aspect of data analytics and business strategy.

Take the first step and prepare for a career of tomorrow right now with our Building a Data Lake on AWS online course!   

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