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Pluralsight Current Offers & Review

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In this post, I have added the latest pluralsight coupons and offers to get discounts on Pluralsight subscription. I have also added some freebies offered by Pluralsight.

If you want to learn DevOps tools, programming, Automation, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and whatnot, you can find every on-demand course on Pluralsight.

I started learning Ansible from Pluralsight. I had a good experience as the course content was to the point and was able to grasp all the explained concepts.

Pluralsight Coupons [Free Month to 50%]

From my personal experience, I was never able to complete any course in a month’s time. There could be several reasons, starting from busy work schedules to personal commitments.

If you are someone like me who needs quarterly or annual subscriptions, here are some Pluralsight offers that you can use.

10 Days Free Account

If you a new pluralsight user, start with the 10 days free trial. If you like the courses on the platform, you can continue with the subscription or cancel anytime during the trial period.

Get One Month Free Pluralsight Discount

If you want to learn specific tools or technology from Pluralsight, you can buy their one-month subscription and get another month for completely free.

[50% Off] On Monthly Subscription

If you are new user get flat 50% off on Pluralsight first month subscription using “Stay Home, Skill Up” Offer

[33% Off] On Annual Subscription

If you are continuous learning, you definitely need a yearly subscription from Pluralsight. Currently, pluralsight is running a promotion to get a 33% discount on their annual plan. This is a limited time offer

Note: Occasionally there will be a 33% off on Pluralsight discount. We will update the link when the promo is available.

Pluralsight Free Skills For All Account

Get free access to assessments, expert-led courses, and other benefits. The courses are limited in this account. However, the courses get rotated every week so that you can get access to other courses for free.

Get Weekly Free Courses From Pluralsight

Pluralsight has a weekly free course program where you will get free course updates on your email. It is a great offer from pluralsight. To get this, you need to signup for their weekly free course subscription list.

Pluralsight 100% Off Subscription

Pluralsight has a VIP program which offers a one-year free subscription.

To qualify for this program, you have to be a technology VIP. You need to provide the valid URL which showcases that you are technology VIP.

Please check out the VIP program page to check the eligibility criteria.

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Gift Pluralsight Subscription

You can gift your colleagues and friends with a Pluralsight subscription.

You can gift a personal monthly plan to a premium yearly plan. It includes everything that comes with a standard subscription.

Checkout Pluralsight gift from here.


How to Redeem Pluralsight Coupon

If you have an exclusive offer code from Pluralsight, use the steps below to redeem the coupon.

  1. Head over to the Pluralsight offer redemption page.
  2. Signup with all the details.

Moreover, Pluralsight has both Android and iOS application, using which you can access the courses from anywhere. All the course screencasts are in HD quality (Both audio and video). And if you wish to watch the videos offline, you can make use of their desktop player which has offline functionality.

Get the Discount Updates

Learning is a continuous requirement for me and I make use of discounts for annual subscriptions. So I keep updating this page whenever a new Pluralsight discount offer is available.

You can bookmark this page, or get updates through our email list for the latest Pluralsight offer.

Pluralsight Review

Now lets take a look at what Pluralsight has to offer for users.

Pluralsight Course Offerings

Pluralsight offers courses to IT in the following key areas.

  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Machine Learning / AI
  3. Software Development [Courses on popular programming language]
  4. IT Ops [Courses on Infrastructure, Virtualisation, and Cloud]
  5. Data Professional [Course on data analytics, engineering, and science ]
  6. Information & Cyber Security [Curses on IT security Certifications]
  7. Data Science Courses
Pluralsight course categories

Pluralsight Vs Udemy

Unlike Udemy, when you subscribe to Pluralsight, you will get access to all the courses on the platform. Whereas in Udemy, you need to purchase individual courses. This option is very good if you want to learn from just one course. You can get a Udemy course as low as $3.95

In Pluralsight, you can learn from multiple courses from beginner to advanced levels with one subscription.

Pluralsight Vs Linkedin Learning

Both Pluralsight and Linkedin learning offer a single subscription model. Linked learning was previously known as Lynda.com.

Here the comparison is mostly on the course availability than quality. Both platforms offer quality courses as the authors are screen for their technology background before onboarding them to the platform for teaching.

You can try both platforms using their free trails. Linkedin offers one-month free access to all their courses.

During the free trial program, you can decide the platform which cater to your needs.


How do I get my free subscription to Pluralsight?

To get free access, you have to a technology VIP. If you are a new user, you can get 10 days free account. Also, you can get a one-month free account if you signup for Microsoft visual studio essentials.

Is Pluralsight worth subscription?

It depends on what you want to learn. Pluralsight focuses on professionals who want to upskill their career or to learn new technology. Before paying for the subscription, signup for the 10 days free trial and check for yourself it is meeting your requirements.

What are the best courses on Pluralsight?

Most of the courses on Pluralsight are focussed on IT professionals. Cloud computing, DevOps, programming comes under the best course category for pluralsight.

Does Pluralsight offer free coupons?

Pluralsight does not offer any free coupons for the subscription. You will get discounts on the standard plans. The discounts could range from a free month subscription to one-year free access for technology VIPs

Pluralsight Latest Updates

Pluralsight launched Tour de Tech, a three weeks tech program to speed up IT skills. This program has stages of challenges with big prizes.

One Month Pluralsight Free Subscription

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