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AWS announces a streamlined deployment experience for .NET applications in .NET CLI and Visual Studio

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We are happy to announce the general availability of the new streamlined deployment experience for .NET applications. With sensible defaults for all deployment settings, you can now get your .NET application up and running in just one click, or with a few easy steps - without needing deep expertise in AWS. You will receive recommendations on the optimal compute for your application, giving you more confidence in your initial deployments. You can find it in the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio using the new “Publish to AWS” wizard. It is also available via the .NET CLI by installing AWS Deploy Tool for .NET.

Key capabilities:

  • Compute recommendations - get the compute recommendations and learn which AWS compute is best suited for your application.
  • Dockerfile generation – the Dockerfile will be auto-generated if required by your chosen AWS compute.
  • Auto packaging and deployment – your application will be built and packaged as required by the chosen AWS compute. The tooling will provision the necessary infrastructure and deploy your application using AWS CDK.
  • Repeatable and shareable deployments – you can generate well organized and documented AWS CDK deployment projects and start modifying them to fit your specific use-case. Then version control them and share with your team for repeatable deployments.
  • CI/CD integration – turn off the interactive features and use different deployment settings to push the same application bundle to different environments.
  • Help with learning AWS CDK for .NET! – gradually learn the underlying AWS tools that it is built on, such as the AWS CDK.

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