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Amazon EKS Workshop

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Excellent workshop / tutorial for setting up Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS);

This workshop covers the following topics;

  • Launching EKS using eksctl
  • Deploying the Kubernetes Dashboard
  • Autoscaling with Spot instances
  • CI/CD with AWS CodePipeline
  • Deploying with Jenkins
  • Logging with Elasticsearch, Fluentd, and Kibana (EFK)
  • Batch Processing with Argo
  • Securing Your Cluster with Network Policies (Project Calico)
  • Monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana
  • Service Mesh with Istio
  • Service Mesh with App Mesh
  • Advanced VPC Networking with EKS
  • Stateful containers using StatefulSets
  • Custom Resource Definition
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