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Google Cloud OnAir with CEO Ashar Rizqi: Benefits of Cloud Infrastructure

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CEO Ashar Rizqi had the pleasure of being a guest on Google Cloud OnAir, a Google Cloud Customer Interview Series. Ashar and interviewer Jimmy Sopko discussed how Blameless has extended our runway using Google Cloud and Google Kubernetes Engine and how the team cultivates a culture of site reliability in a changing world.TL;DRLeaning in to a cloud native strategy: Software is eating the world and industries are being disrupted. Underneath it all, modern applications have completely changed. It's creating complex interdependencies between these different modules, especially when you're running inside in a hybrid environment. So it really comes down to managing complexity.Cloud versus building in house: The best thing that you can do for your company is to say no to certain things. It elevates your credibility, and it shows focus and commitment to a real problem.Advice to other startups: The key is SaaS economics. You have to break SaaS economics down into its constituent parts and look at each one of those things very, very closely. No decision is likely to be the one that kills you. Not taking any kind of action is really the thing that's going to hurt the most.See the full transcript of their conversation below, which has been lightly edited. To download the full recording, check it out here.

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