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Found 2 results

  1. We are excited to announce that today we are reducing the price of the AWS IoT Device Management Secure Tunneling feature by 80%. With the improved cost efficiencies, customers can now scale Secure Tunneling to access remote devices deployed behind restricted firewalls for troubleshooting, configuration updates, training, and other operational tasks for their growing IoT workloads on AWS. View the full article
  2. AWS IoT Device Management customers use Secure Tunneling to securely access and troubleshoot remote devices located behind a restricted firewall. Now, customers can make concurrent client connections to a single device over a secure tunnel using the new multiplexing capability. Multiplexing enables customers to perform more advanced device troubleshooting, such as modifying parameters via a web application on the device while simultaneously issuing remote shell commands to verify the device is working properly. View the full article
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