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GitOps Days (8th - 9th June 2022)


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Virtual GitOps Days returns June 8-9, 2022 and the schedule is packed with visionary and educational talks from GitOps practitioners and thought leaders.

Our event kicks off June 8 at 7:30am PT with a 90-min Intro to Kubernetes and GitOps hands-on tutorial that covers (and we really will! - kubectl - K9s - Metrics (Prometheus) - Dashboards (Grafana) - Logging (Fluent Bit) - GitOps (FluxCD)). 

You'll also hear from people who do GitOps today: their use cases, what tools they use together, helpful integrations and solutions, and how they have greater security, money savings, time-saving, innovation, transparency, and more.

Most importantly, there are open source options but also you don't have to do it on your own! You'll hear about how you can get started with GitOps with Weave GitOps, Microsoft’s Arc Kubernetes, AWS’s EKS Anywhere, D2iQ’s Kubernetes Platform, VMware’s Tanzu, and Red Hat’s OpenShift. There are also more companies such as Weaveworks, Xenit, and others providing support for your open source installations.

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers:

  • Taylor Dolezal (CNCF)
  • Mae Large (VMware)
  • Stefan Prodan (Flux Maintainer, Flagger creator, & Weaveworks)
  • Rosemary Wang (HashiCorp)
  • Viktor Farcic (Upbound/Crossplane)
  • Anaïs Urlichs (Aqua Security)
  • Winni Gakuru (Safaricom PLC)
  • Chris Sanders, Jonathan Innis, & Joaquin Rodriguez (Microsoft)
  • Chandler Hoisington & Joey Wang (Amazon Web Services)
  • Deepak Goel & Max Jonas Werner (D2iQ)
  • Roberth Strand (Crayon)
  • Marco Amador (Anova)
  • Jason Morgan (Buoyant/Linkerd)
  • And many more!


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