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The Microsoft and GitHub DevOps Forum – How to get started with Infrastructure as code (23rd June)


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Beyond establishing a DevOps culture, you or your team could always bring DevOps to life by practising Infrastructure as code to help deploy system resources in a reliable, repeatable, and controlled way. It also helps automate deployment and reduce the risk of human error, especially for complex large environments, making environment duplication to different data centres and cloud platforms simpler and more efficient.

Please join us for an intimate group discussion around Infrastructure as code, The Microsoft and DevOps Forum on 23 June 2022. Learn how to unlock your company’s DevOps potential and drive innovation from the experts at Microsoft, GitHub, and Black Marble during this virtual experience!

What’s in store:

  • Sharing on what is infrastructure as code, why should you use it, and how do you pick from the options available, with real world examples to show you’re not alone.
  • Learn about Microsoft’s Azure native Infrastructure as code journey, some quick demo on using Bicep to deploy resources, and how you can manage your landing zones with our latest policy.
  • Understand how GitHub integrates with your infrastructure as code to enable automation to drive your deployments with GitHub Actions.


  • Colin Beales, Senior Solutions Engineer, GitHub
  • Jack Tracey, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft
  • Rik Hepworth, Chief Consulting Officer, Black Marble

In an effort to keep discussions intimate and engaging, seats will be limited. Please reserve your spot now. We look forward to seeing you there!

DevOps Forum – How to get started with Infrastructure as code

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